.Pentecost – Tongues of Fire: Risa’s Stars May 27 – June 2

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of May 27, 2020

Gemini is the definitive sign of communication. Gemini radiates Ray 2 of Love/Wisdom into the world. When we understand each other via open, truthful communication, love appears—and wisdom, too.

Pentecost is a religious festival, signifying fifty days after Easter (Resurrection Festival) wherein Disciples, having gathered in an upper room (mental plane), experienced “tongues of fire” appearing above their heads, the result of which was the ability to speak and understand all world languages. This experience was a Ray 3 experience of Divine Intelligence penetrating the minds of the disciples. Ray 3 is called by many names: the Holy Spirit, the Comforter and the Mother. The Tibetan (via Alice Bailey) refers to Pentecost many times in his blue books (Ageless Wisdom teachings).

The emphasis during the Aquarian Age, which we are fast entering, will shift away from Bethlehem (Birth Initiation) to Jerusalem (Ashram of Peace), and from the infant and later crucified Savior to the Risen Christ (note: Christ symbolizes the soul of humanity). Pisces has seen, during two thousand years, the spreading light; Aquarius will see the Rising Light, and of both of these the Christ (World Teacher) is the eternal symbol.

The emphasis in the Aquarian Age will be on livingness, on freedom from the tomb of matter (death), and this keynote (resurrection) will distinguish the new world religion from all preceding religions.

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There is one equation for peace on Earth: Intentions for goodwill creates right human relations, which creates the peace, harmony, intelligence, wisdom and the love all of humanity seeks. We can sing together on Pentecost, “Come Holy Spirit, Creator Blessed.”

ARIES: The month ahead sees you as a hard worker, working toward and within your values. If you don’t actually know your values, then observe yourself—actions, focus, communication. Note you’re slower than usual, caring for what you love (and value) with extra care. You see your ambition, the acquiring of possessions, your impatience or impulsiveness. Your senses are more alive. You eat more. Every Aries eventually becomes a Taurus.

TAURUS: Aries can sometimes steal your thunder, your Vulcan volcanic ability to make gold out of lead. You have so many abilities, you can share a few, yes? Notice your reactions to people and events. Turn reactions into responses. You’re more energetic, active, forceful these days. For a rare few moments or two, it’s ok for you to be overly assertive. However, as Aries has become Taurus, you’ve become a very interesting Gemini. It’s the planet Mercury always playing havoc.

GEMINI: You’ve become more of a Pisces. Meaning? More sensitive, more reluctant to push the river, more compassionate and understanding. Your confidence has taken a different path. You’re working more in secret, can be blamed for things you didn’t do, be misunderstood. Intuiting that the past is merging with the present and everything looks now toward the future. Dreams (day and night) appear, imagination becomes creative. Music (more of it), please.

CANCER: It’s most important to think about cooperation, teamwork and how your personality impacts groups. With all your emerging thoughts and ideas, you may be inclined to talk over others, attempt to direct and dominate everyone and everything. It’s best to work as a team when considering humanitarian goals. It’s also important personally to create daily agendas, schedules, plans and goals. They become your new context and protection.

LEO: You are the leader, the one everyone looks to, hopes to be, learns from, emulates, is guided by. Your accomplishments are acknowledged and recognized; be grateful. This pleases you. I have written before that for a Leo to evolve others must see, applaud, point out and praise their efforts, gifts, talents and abilities. Praise is how Leos can more fully identify themselves as creative, saying, “I now know that I AM because of what I create (and you see it).”

VIRGO: You long for a new undertaking, a new venture, a quest, an adventure, a voyage somewhere. And your restlessness won’t accept any hindrances. Your life does need an expansion coupled with new experiences. All the energy you’re feeling propels you into new travel, new studies, new interests and new books, along with opinions that may lead to disagreements, disputes and new points of view. Refrain from anything illicit, risky and forbidden.

LIBRA: You can no longer suffer exhaustion, overtime, or other people’s rules. You need deep solitude, a retreat from the world, and less stress, both subtle and overt. Careful with projecting suppressed disappointments or anger (from long ago to present) toward others, especially those close to you. You may be unaware of this. The issues may be conflicts around values, what you hold in common with another, joint money and resources. Careful with communication and consequences. Contemplate your true needs. Then love more.

SCORPIO: Everything may become challenging, especially interactions with friends, co-workers and intimates. Should you encounter conflict, measure it against your personal internal conflicts. We reflect each other, the heavens and the earth. Conflict contains information. If we struggle long enough a new level of harmony emerges. Be as courageous, dynamic and lively as possible. Everything eventually becomes conflictual, then it resolves, then there’s rapprochement. Help someone in the meantime.

SAGITTARIUS: Interesting new energy, at times quixotic and unexpected, is affecting daily routines, agendas, plans and work schedules. In between focus on health—exercise, diet, walking, running, archery, horseback riding, yoga, etc. You must have a daily regime of physical activity or restlessness will result. It may be difficult working with others. You may be too unusual and too fast for them. Harmony is needed in your work world. Be aware of this. Don’t disagree, clash or quarrel. When agitated, recite silent Oms. Laughter is the best meditation.

CAPRICORN: Questions: Do you have lots of energy and self-discipline? Are you seeking new and unusual creative expressions? Do you feel you are expanding out of the old ways of identity and being? Do you have enough money? Do you feel the need for a deeper spirituality? And do you want to communicate about this? Tend to the wounds of loved ones. The result will be more play, pleasure, more sleep. Is your home comfortable? Do you need a new couch? Do you need more comfort? How is your daily life changing?

AQUARIUS: You may find yourself being more and more creative, which gives you a greater sense of identity. Note how you feel more instinctive, protective and secure. Are new or unusual events occurring concerning where you live? Are you thinking about family matters? Gather up much of the past. Review everything. Assess what is useful, what you can give away, what you want to keep as family heirlooms. When issues from the past emerge, talk with someone about them. Someone safe and trusting. Watch the birds each morning.

PISCES: Perform daily tasks quietly and slowly. This creates mindfulness and efficiency. Consider professional needs. It’s soon time to tell everyone of your visions, ideas, plans, wants and needs. Communications may be quick, unusual, unexpected, futuristic. Step back and watch Mars at work. Pushing things forward into a dreamy and unknown future. Tend to hands and feet with care. Sew and paint. Use the mind to make order and beauty out of conflict and chaos. Neptune in Pisces.


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