.New Moon and the Ascension Festival: Risa’s Stars May 29-June 4

We have two festivals this week, each a different developmental stage for humanity. The first, on Thursday, is the Ascension (Catholic, Pisces Age of love, hope, vision), the mountaintop experience in which the Christ (Pisces World Teacher) returned to the Father. (His Reappearance is said to begin in 2025). The Resurrection/Ascension Initiation (also our Initiation) is the theme of the three Spring festivals (Aries, Taurus, Gemini). We (the New Group of World Servers, NGWS) are preparing these days for the Gemini Festival of humanity on June 17.

Three energies are called forth at these three festivals—the Forces of Restoration (Aries), Illumination (Taurus) and Reconstruction (Gemini). The energies we call forth at each of the festivals, and the preparations we do together as part of the NGWS (outpost of the Hierarchy), are the energies that uplift and stabilize humanity, providing ideas that become great ideals within humanity. The new ideals lift humanity up so we can “ascend” into our true identity—that of World Disciples.

Monday is the new moon festival, 12 degrees Gemini. This new moon prepares us for the Gemini Festival of Humanity, occurring in two weeks, when the Forces of Reconstruction stream into the Earth. The Gemini festival is also the Festival of Distribution of intelligence, love and wisdom. Humanity awaits these events.

ARIES: Your main gift has been instinct, a practical way of being. However, intuition, a higher level of instinct, is emerging. It provides you with greater inner strength and a new faith. Many will be surprised as you become more easygoing, compassionate and concerned for others (not just yourself). A greater belief in yourself also comes forth, due to an anchoring of new spiritual ideals. Your new spiritual identity deepens. Don’t let divine discontent topple you.

TAURUS: Idealism is part of your nature, along with adaptability and flexibility. These virtues develop further in coming years. As you attempt to always keep the peace, you might discover you’ve lost awareness of your deepest hopes and wishes. You are to call them forth again. Connections with friends must always have a spiritual basis or you feel discontent. You are to develop all the arts. Why? Taurus personifies the art of living.

GEMINI: What does your intuition tell you about current world trends in business, the arts, humanity, education, politics? In coming years, you will develop a deep creativity and vision leading you to the arts, the media, writing, talking of things charitable, and of service. Work on maintaining a clear direction, lest goals and your calling in life are lost. You’re better than perfect. And you’re responsible. Know these things. Allow no misconceptions of self to be nurtured.

CANCER: It’s important to be practical with goals. You have a deep inner faith. It’s good to consider what you believe and why. Where did these concepts come from? It would be good to study different religions, or to even enter a seminary, becoming a minister or pastor. Higher education offers involvement with religious, philosophical or artistic fields. Travel beckons, too, but here you must be careful health-wise. Compassion becomes your teacher.

LEO: Are you experiencing spiritual longing, deep sensitivity, fantasies, ecstasy, warrior dreams? If not now, later. In the meantime, something from the past—a relationship, love, person, event—seems to be important once again. However, you choose not to contact or connect with them—a mistake. Where before the boundaries were blurred, you both have grown. Boundaries are intact now. Careful with money. Give it, don’t loan it. Love more.

VIRGO: So often, Virgo gives more than they’re able to receive. They seek a soulmate, one linked to them psychically. They see potential instead of reality at times, seeking others as they wish them to be, not as they are. Sometimes Virgos want to save or be saved (from themselves). These are all developmental stages. They can be confusing and difficult to understand (for a time), until you realize your potential extraordinary talents.

LIBRA: Daily plans, agendas and affairs (work) become so fluid that you may not know where you are at times. All routines seem to float out the door, replaced by chaos, confusion and a sense of helplessness. Know that when chaos appears, it’s announcing a new harmony attempting to come forth. Rearrange everything in your environments. Tend to health methodically. Interact with the animal, plant (nature) and mineral kingdoms with loving awareness. They bring a new order into your life.

SCORPIO: When people use the word drama, it’s usually disapproving, critical, disparaging, unsympathetic, and judgmental. However, some signs truly have ceaseless dramatic things occurring. We actually have little choice in the matter of our lives and behaviors. We have little choice in how people react and/or respond to us. Those experiencing drama in their lives are living life deeply, fully, creatively and with passion. It’s just their time. Your time is always.

SAGITTARIUS: Was home and family life as a child complex? Were (are) you sensitive, free-spirited, idealistic, philosophical? Do you need at this time to set limits? Do you long for a new home and sense of place? Do you alternate between being social while also seeking solitude? Do you at times isolate yourself? Is family challenging? And do you have many inflated dreams? A new identity will appear in the next 18 months, along with a new path.

CAPRICORN: Visualize all that you want to be and do—your future, where you’re called to live, the interior and exterior of your home, the environments calling to you, the gardens and kitchen. Do this on a detailed yet grand scale. Visualization creates a magnetic field, and what you envision (if it is yours) comes into manifestation. Then you can decide your true wants/needs. We become what we deeply imagine, we express what we can create, we encourage what we love. Do all of this with confidence.

AQUARIUS: It’s important to be balanced about money—not too strict, not too lax. It’s important to know the value of yourself and your work, presenting this to the world. Others may attempt to undervalue your worth and value. Follow your intuition and instincts concerning your use of money. Honor all debts. Value others and their work. Tell them of their value. Do not gloss over monetary details. Be generous. However, care for yourself. This is practical.

PISCES: A great sensitivity is surrounding Pisces. It’s as if you live in a dream—everyone else’s, actually. Others see you through their own projections. This can be confusing, at times hurtful. Reality for you isn’t what reality is for others. Tiredness can overcome you often. At times, dizziness, too. Tend to health very carefully. Moods come and go. Sleep more. Calcium needs Vitamin D (lots of it) to be absorbed. Magnesium helps us sleep. Begin painting. Neptune calls.  


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