.Sones Cellars’ Dry and Hearty Rosé of Tannat 2018

I simply had to try Sones Cellars’ Rosé of Tannat. Tannat is largely grown in Uruguay, but it’s not so known here. Winemaker Michael Sones has made a wine that’s quite unique—and I love it! So if you like a well-made Rosé, do try Sones’ Rosé of Tannat—Silvaspoons Vineyard, Lodi ($22).

This dry and hearty Rosé has delightful hints of strawberry and pomegranate, leaving a full, round mouthfeel.

“Here at Sones Cellars we are pleased that pink wines are no longer scorned,” say Michael and his wife Lois. “We love to savor the pleasure of a beautiful, light, tasty Rosé.” 

Michael suggests that this wine should be enjoyed soon—and with Mediterranean food, chicken, fish or appetizers. But if you’re drinking this Rosé at Sones Cellars’ tasting room, then it’s easy to order some tasty empanadas from Fonda Felix, which is just around the corner in the Kelly’s French Bakery store.

Michael Sones developed a refillable wine bottle program in 2010 “as a way to care for the planet.” Being British, he is into hedgehogs, the lovely spiny mammals found all over England and elsewhere, but they are not indigenous to North America. Naming the program Hedgehog Red and Hedgehog White—and now there’s a Hedgehog Pink, too—it resulted in customers bringing all kinds of hedgehogs to the tasting room: cloth, wool, ceramic, wood, glass, you name it. When I visited recently, there were even free doggie treats in a hedgehog bowl.

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Sones Cellars, 334B Ingalls St., Santa Cruz. 831-420-1552, sonescellars.com.

Curves: Strength-Train Now, Wine Later

During the pandemic, it’s important to exercise and keep fit. It’s good for body, mind and spirit. Curves in Aptos offers all kinds of classes, including a six-week challenge, drop-in exercise regimens and one-on-one coaching. Owner Annette Hunt will be pleased to see you. Virtual and weight loss/management programs are available, too—and prices are reasonable. It’s all up to you. One of their mottos is “Strength-Train Now, Wine Later.” Yes to that!

Curves, 7000 Soquel Drive, Aptos. 831-688-2358, ap*********@gm***.com (opens in a new tab)" href="mailto:ap*********@gm***.com" data-original-string="u8AeMeXYU1kQdoxI2YHhwa4hx+VODrE/6IQOlsK8RFg=" title="This contact has been encoded by CleanTalk. Click to decode. To finish the decoding make sure that JavaScript is enabled in your browser." target="_blank">ap*********@gm***.com.


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