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“What is something about Santa Cruz that you are thankful for?”

Curtis Reliford, humanitarian

“I’m grateful to be alive and wake up every day in a paradise island of a town that is full of gratitude. More grateful people here than I have met in my life. And I’m a black man talking about white people. That’s where I’m at with Santa Cruz.”

Hadley Long, 19, UCSC student

“I’m still exploring the area, and I’m thankful that it’s not too big, but there’s lots to explore and see. I love being close to the beach and downtown. I can walk around and find new things every time I go there.”

Desmond Driver, 18, UCSC student

“I’m thankful for the environment, and the wildlife, especially living closer to campus, the wildlife is pretty crazy. We see deer and raccoons. There are wild turkeys all over campus, that’s a Thanksgiving thing!”

Mira Warner, 21, Volunteer for Housing Matters

“I’m thankful for the amount of resources we have, in terms of social services and prevention. I’m in a Human Services class, so I’m learning about how many we actually have. We definitely need more, but it’s a good start.”

Rob Abundis, 56, Medical Device Sales

“I’m thankful that Santa Cruz is so diverse and eclectic. It’s unique. Its unique nature gives it what everybody loves. That’s why people stay here. And we’ve got the beach!”

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Kylie O’Connor, 21, Pacific Wave

“I’m thankful for Bookshop Santa Cruz, because I love reading and I always love going there. It’s a sweet little spot .”


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