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What is your dream car—and what is your real-time, good-time car memory?

Sienna Beringer, 20, UCSC Astrophysics major

A Rimac Nevera, it’s a really cool electric car that costs about two million dollars. When I was younger, I always loved going for a drive with my siblings, going between our parents’ houses. —SIENNA

Drew Arroyo, 25, Union commercial plumber

An old VW bus that barely goes 50 uphill, to cruise around and enjoy the scenery. I love the one with a bunch of small, upper windows. Growing up, my friend’s grampa had an old Mercedes station wagon with a seat way in the back facing backwards. —DREW

Raychel Melville, 23, High School teacher

I’ve always liked the old, vintage Chevy Scottsdale pickup. It’s simple, nothing flashy about it. We had a horse ranch, and we would sit in the bed of our pickup while my dad would drive us around the ranch. —RAYCHEL

Dave Nordgren, 69, Musician / Tax preparer

My new Prius is a dream car. I looked at it and said,’Whoa,that’s like a Batmobile!’ Back in the day, my girlfriend and I picked up 11 hitchhikers in my ‘56 Ford pickup.  I remember the flashing lights of the cop car that stopped us. —DAVE

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Whitney Guenther, 33, Office manager

Mustang, ’65 fastback. They’re really cool cars, I love the body style. My favorite memory is driving up to Don Pedro Lake, near Modesto, to look at the stars —WHITNEY

Ralph Gomez, 34, Business owner

My car would be a ‘63 Bel Air wagon. I used to have one that my dad gave to me. He asked for it back and sold it for like $500 or something. I always wanted that wagon. My fun memory is going to the drive-in theater. —RALPH


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