“Where would be your dream vacation, and, where do you take your real vacation?”

We’ve got sand and surf, hiking and biking,
Redwood trees and the ocean breeze.
When your town is already a year-round vacation,
Where else would you go, in the world or the nation?

Amardalai Batsundui, 20, student

“My big dream is Germany and see the War history, then visit Spain, Italy, all Europe. I live in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia’s capital city, so home vacation is seeing the lakes in the countryside.”

James Siemers, 13, Student

“My dream would be Japan, for the food and the culture. My real vacation is in Florida where my grandma has a house. We go to get away from the cold where I live in Switzerland when it’s snowing.”

Erzana Biquina, 20, Ride operator

“Anywhere with my family is a dream, we have so much fun together. I am an Albanian from Kosovo, so our real vacations are there. We have the best beaches on the Adriatic Sea. The water is so blue! My real dream is to visit my student exchange family in Iowa—or go to Hawaii!”

Mindy Hawkins, 53, Baseball coach

“India would be my dream vacation, to experience the chaos of what life looks like there, and have all of my senses activated. My actual real vacation is coming back here to Santa Cruz, my home town.”

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Myra Fernando, 36, Psychiatrist

“For a dream vacation, I’ve wanted to go to Morocco for a long time. But for a nearby vacation place, I really love Big Sur.”

Rob Court, 66, Drawing teacher-Illustrator

“Seeing Portugal would be my dream, but for a real vacation, I like Santa Cruz!”


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