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Question of the Week

What is your favorite breed of dog (or cat)?

All photos by Gwen Logan

Dawn Howell

An Australian Cattle Dog, called a Queensland Heeler. They’re smart, loyal, fun, very active. You can get one from a farm where they breed them for cattle work. I think my dream dog is a long haired chihuahua mixed with a Cattle Dog.

Dawn Howell, 34, Aspiring Farmer

Demitrius Ackerman

I would probably say Golden Retriever. I like their fluffy hair. They’re a snuggly dog and they seem pretty energetic too.

—Demitrius Ackerman, 16, Student

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Geneva Ludington

Probably a Doberman. They’re kinda scary looking, but they’re really sweet, and they’re good to train.

Geneva Ludington, 15, Student

Alexander Mills

My first dog was a West Highland Terrier, a little Scottie dog. He had the spunkiest personality, and I’ve just been obsessed with that breed ever since. They’re stubborn little beasts—and so am I.They’re the little white ones with beards.

Alexander Mills, 20, UCSC Student, works at Santa Cruz Cinema

Lindy Howell

Manx cats are pretty cool. I ended up with two barn kitties, and one was a Manx with just a stub of a tail. He was more of a wild creature, used to running around, catching. He brought me lots of presents.

—Lindy Howell, 64, Radiographer

Christopher Criswell

American Bull Terrier. I have one now—American Bull Terrier crossed with a hound. She’s got long floppy ears and she wiggles, she wiggles around. She’s beautiful, she’s a happy dog.

Christopher Criswell, 55, Sales Rep


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