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What are your memories of your first Giant Dipper ride?


The ride seemed so much bigger and more terrifying the first time. I rode with my mom and I was really excited because I’d been too small to ride for a long time. I felt like one of the big kids. It’s definitely rattly, but I feel safe on it, secure.

Mystery Epreuer, 19, Student


I was really nervous to get on, the whole time. It was my first roller coaster. After I went on, I just wanted to go on it so many more times. I thought it was the best ride. I was like, “I don’t want to go on any other ones, just this one again.” It’s fast, exciting, but fun, definitely worth it.

Shea Weber, 20, Student

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I must have been 6 or 7. I always wanted to ride it, but I wasn’t tall enough. That first big drop is exhilarating! Maybe the most satisfying part was being able to prove that I was tall enough to ride. My two older siblings were with me, so I couldn’t be too scared, because then I’m not cool.

Ryan Kolderup, 19, Student


In sixth grade I did Boardwalk Summer Camp. My sister loved roller coasters, but I did not, I was terrified. It took a lot of effort to convince me to ride with her, but when I finally gave in, I loved it. I rode multiple times in a row to make faces at the camera.

Zack Stack, 20, Student


My only time, my schoolmate got us passes. I was terrified going up the first big hill. I closed my eyes, held on tight and tried to get under the bar and hide. Afterward, I thought, “I’ll never do that again!” For a half-second I thought about doing the 100th anniversary—but no.

Sarah Lee, 40,-seventeen, Gig worker


I was nine, and my brother made me sit in front. You hear the tick, tick, tick, going to the top, and it feels like you stop for an eternity—then sheer panic lifting out of your seat, down the first dive. Squeals of excitement, and boom it’s over. At 49, the thrill is still there, but is waiting in line worth the 30 seconds?

Briana Mosbacher, 49, Office Manager at Bed and Biscuits


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