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What are your fun plans for the summer?


I’m flying to Los Angeles with friends for the Anime Expo. I’m going to dress as a character from My Hero Academia, the Japanese manga series.

Maryia Dzenisevich, 17, Student


I’m going to Tahiti for 10 days or so. It’s a trip my dad planned with a friend from college and his family, and I’m going to live on a sailboat—a catamaran—for a weekend.

Gio Marini, 17, Student


I’m going to Friday Night Reggae at The Pool in Reno to see Ky-Mani Marley, Bob Marley’s son. I’m going to get in the pool and swim and listen to reggae and have drinks. That’s all I got going on.

Brandi Stirton, 54, Retired


I just got a boat with forward-facing propellers for skiing and wakeboarding, so I’m going to go out boating. We’ll go out with our kids and make it a family affair.

Chip Hodgson, 63, Retired


I’m going to visit Hawaii—the Big Island—where I used to live. I went last year, but before that it had been many years. Frogs are now there! It was weird. They’re invasive and very loud!

Melody Litt, 53, UCSC


I’m going to learn to do standing backflips. From the videos I’ve seen, the first thing I have to practice is being comfortable with falling. I can do a front flip, but only on a trampoline.

Cris Garcia, 26, Student


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