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Question of the Week

Is the future of technology—AI, robots, genetics—exciting or frightening?

Estrella Arteaga, 27, UCSC Grad student

It’s unpredictable, but it’s exciting to see what we come up with to help us. A chatbot as a friend freaks me out, it destroys the purpose of social media, but some people might benefit from it. —ESTRELLA

Adan Arteaga, 27, Software engineer

It’s exciting to provide opportunities for people without access to them. It’s a tool that does more good than evil. The Singularity* is scary because we could reach one vision or hive mind. —ADAN

Brooke Alden, 15, Student

I’m more terrified than I am excited. Once it has a mind of its own, it can see how we’re flawed, and it might do something about it that we don’t like. We’re heading in that direction. —BROOKE

Kai Manzo, 17, Student

For me it’s a bit of both, but I’m excited for it as long as it’s handled ethically. Until AI gets to the point of being out of control, I think it will be good. —KAI

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Gabie Darlak, 28, Admin

It’s frightening in the society we live in, when people in power take advantage of it. But I think there’s many ways to create beauty with it. I just don’t think the world we live in will allow us to fully explore that. —GABIE

John Dickerman 54 Junk vendor

I’m all for it, it’s great until it’s not, right? The AI stuff that people complain about doesn’t bother me. Soon we’ll be teleporting people around like digital files. Technology’s great, what would we do without it? —JOHN


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