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Should our city council make statements regarding national or international affairs representing the citizens of Santa Cruz?

Alicia Vega, 26, Pleasure-Pizza

I think the people, the collective community, should let their own voices be heard, however they will do it. I feel like the City Council just decides whatever they think works best. —Alicia

Ryan Sanchez, 19, Student

They’re a city government, so what’s the point? It’s obvious they represent local issues vs national. How is just making a statement that causes issues within the community going to benefit? —Ryan

Lydia Castilla, 60, Nordic-Naturals

Yes, for good or for bad, but yeah. It’s good that they voice an opinion. I don’t know if I agree with their opinion. They should voice the majority and represent the people. —Lydia

Alex Chang, 22, Student

I would say no they should not. I think in recent times there’s been a lot more officials who don’t actually represent the citizens or the people that have put them in that position. —Alex

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Susan Damon, 65, Food Broker

Absolutely, I think they should. They’re our elected officials, our voices. Anybody can go to the council meetings, what ever side you’re on, push and speak up for what’s important to you. —Susan

Mike Curtis, 55, Stage hand

Do I think that they have a duty or obligation to comment on international affairs? No I do not. In the context of the City Council’s Gaza vote, they were sort of forced to. —Mike


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