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Question of the Week

“Tell us about the good times you enjoyed in 2023.”

Rachael Perez-Ramirez, 32, Penny Ice Creamery

“I married my partner of ten years. And we celebrated my birthday and had Thanksgiving, all at around the same time, it was really crazy.”


A.J. Ouse, 20, Classroom Aide at Green Acres Elementary School

“Taking a field-trip to a farm near Corralitos, with four and five year old students, to see the animals—and visiting an apple orchard to see them make cider.”


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Ezra Bosworth-Ahmet, 25, Consultant

“Backpacking into the Sierras and camping at one of the Cottonwood Lakes and having it all to ourselves, except for being surrounded by friendly wild marmots.”


Lisa Aubry, 25, Writer

“Taking a trip to Fribourg, Switzerland, and getting to see my sister get married there.”


Abbie Bosworth, 55, Teacher

“I stayed in the J.R.R. Tolkien room at Silvia Beach Hotel, a secluded place with no TV, phones, or Wi-Fi. It’s a big, beautiful old place in Oregon where writers like to go to work on their stories.”


Clockwise, Anthony Grames, 38, Electrician, with Lila, 13, Addy, 8, Lilly, 10

“Enjoying Hidden Beach Park in Aptos,
the arcades at the Boardwalk
or eating oysters at the Wharf” —Anthony.

“Hanging out at Capitola Mall” —Lila.

“Tubing on the ski boat” —Addy.

“Fun at Dennis the Menace Playground in Monterey.” —Lilly.


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