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How are your plans for 2024 going so far?

Suhas Godey, 18, UCSC Biology Student

I’m working on more discipline in my life—to sleep and wake up and study at certain hours. I make a schedule on Google Calendar, and so far I think it’s going pretty good.

Evie Coulson, 18, UCSC Earth Science Student

My plans are to get into classes and survive as a freshman—it’s kind of a work in progress. Just to pass classes is the goal. It’s been good though!

Ben Coulson, 16, Student

I planned to play sports at my school, and I got onto our badminton team. It’s fun and it’s pretty competitive, that’s why I like it.

Jia Hiremath, 18, UCSC Computer Science Student

My plans involve getting good grades in my first year at UCSC, and planning future classes to get me a job in my field of computers. I’m happy I’m in all of the classes I wanted now.

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Stuart Coulson, 60, Adjunct Professor of Design for Extreme Affordability

My teaching subject is very dynamic, so I make some lesson changes every year. Also planning to getting back to a normal routine, not having to adjust for covid—and it’s kinda working.

Mel Coulson, 45, volunteer-mom

I deliberately did not make any resolutions this year, because you never keep them. I planned to come to Family Day at UCSC, and that was very good, I really enjoyed it.


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