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Question of the Week for March 5, 2024

March is Women’s History Month.
Who is a history-making woman you admire?

Max Stonebloom

Greta Thunberg because she made such an impact on global warming and how she made an impact on corporations and how they think about what they’ve done.

Max Stonebloom, 12, Student

Tyson Miller

Michelle Obama, for all the things she did as First Lady, and just the way she carries herself.

Tyson Miller, 46, Engineer

Gabriela Candelaria

There are so many. Dolores Huerta because of her activism in rights for farm workers. She’s done so much for minorities in general, it’s really inspiring..

Gabriela Candelaria, 43, Nurse


Bertha Benz, wife of Carl Benz, the inventor of the first automobile. She actually drove it herself 60 miles, for the first long-distance journey by automobile. She invented the leather brake shoe, so the brake would grip better.

Joyful Heart, 60, Writer

Lilly Martin Candelaria

A new one is definitely Taylor Swift, she’s pretty powerful. She knows how to market herself and put herself out there and made herself very very recognizable.

Lilly Martin Candelaria, 13, Student

Zachary Salazar

Candace Owens, the conservative commentator. She never gives up, doesn’t back down, doesn’t surrender to anyone pushing her towards how she should believe as a black woman.

Zachary Salazar, 44, Independent Artist


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