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Question of the Week: “What is the first monster you remember as a child? Who is your favorite, and which is most frightening?”

The Festival of Monsters comes to MAH at Abbott Square this weekend, and creepy décor is all around. As scary movies abound, we wonder, who are your most memorable monsters?

Kipp Van Vugt, 11, Student

“The first monster I once thought about is the Pyro. It’s an internet thing, like a creepypasta. My favorite is probably the Wendigo—and I don’t know who the scariest monster is, there’s a lot of scary ones—too many. The scariest thing was riding the Giant Dipper at The Boardwalk.”

Julia Testay, 19, Student

“I think my first monster was Frankenstein. Frankenstein is still my favorite, I like his story, and that it was written by Mary Shelley. I think the scariest are vampires in general, because of the way they prey on people.”

Ken Irwin 20 Student

“I saw a vampire on the internet when I was six—just the stereotypical archetype with slicked back hair. I kinda wanted him to get me. I was like, ‘oh, this guy’s suave, like, what do you mean it’s a monster?’ Zombies are just scary to me. My favorite monster would be the Thing, from The Thing, the alien, the shapeshifter.”

Katherine Morrisroe, 20, Student

“My first and still the scariest is the banshee! We listened to a radio program in second grade for Halloween, and it just terrified me. My favorite is Dracula.”

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Denilson Pocasangre, 21, Student

“My first monster was the werewolf—in the Twilight movies. And Creature from the Black Lagoon, that would be my favorite monster.”

Suzanne Rudiger, 72, Retired

“The Hand, that was creeeepy. It was in the 1950’s, black and white. And it was just this hand that you never knew where it was, and it would crawl up like a gecko and get you. It’s still the scariest. My favorite is Sully, the big, blue furry guy from Monsters, Inc”


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