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What do you love about a rainy day?

Alissa Maya, 31, Herbalist

“I think my favorite part of a rainy day is that it gets people to slow down. Whatever you’re doing, you have to take a moment to pause and be more aware. It’s something that we don’t often do anymore.” —Alissa

Jerry Abreu, 53, Owner, Level Up Video Games

“Being cozy inside, chilling on my family room couch playing a favorite game. I’m a mad scientist with my coffee, so I’ll make an espresso or a latte or a pour-over.” —Jerry

Sarah Abreu, 25, Graphic Designer

“I like that everything feels revived and fresh. Nature feels brighter when it rains. I like being inside with the windows open because I can smell the rain and the fresh air.” —Sarah

Trinity Jones, 22, Artist

“My favorite part of rainy days is no harsh sunlight and no shadows cast. It’s foggy, which I really like, and it’s cold. I really hate super bright sunny days when shadows are super-dark.” —Trinity

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Matt Cavalli, 42, Shop Keep at Moon Kissed

”It’s beautiful! Reading books and drinking tea. I like ghost stories, so I’d probably be reading ghost stories.” —Matt

Francine Besson, 37, Asst. Manager at Toque Blanche

“Hot cider with our mulling spice and enjoying the coziness of home. The simmering spiced cider makes the house smell so good, and the Star Anise in the mulling spice really makes it for me.” —Francine


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