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Question of the Week: “What are your thoughts about owning a house in Santa Cruz? What would it take for you to buy one?”

Jeremy Carlson, 64, Owner, Dyeing For A Brighter World

“Dylan said ‘money doesn’t talk, it swears.’ It’s gonna take a lotta cursing. It takes a lot of money, and where do you get it? At this point I’m shocked that I’m still here.”

Joao Simoes, 44, Visual Artist

“It’s impossible, right? A million dollars as a starting price. The market is oriented to the people who can be here for the summer. For most people the only option is to live outside of here and come to work.”

Callum Stoddard, 30, Forest Ranger

“Our mistake was not being born 30 years sooner. That’s where we messed up. Even three years ago at least you could get a decent interest rate.”

Mike Wood, 40, Social Worker, and Jamie Wood, 36, Environmental Scientist/Mom

“We own a condo. What made it possible? About 10 years of saving—and Covid. In 2020 prices dipped a little and we were able to get in.”

Doug Schwarm, 57, Engineer

“We bought a house 12 years ago, by working very, very hard and being diligent, but I couldn’t do it now. The neighborhoods are changing. We’re not seeing the same vibrancy with the types of people that can afford the housing.”

Allyssa Blalock, 27, Teacher

“I would need a new line of work. I’m a teacher, but it would be nice to have a job that could afford you a house. My partner and I work in two of the least lucrative industries in one of the most expensive places on Earth. That’s a tough combination.”


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