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It’s Burger Week! How’d you describe YOUR perfect burger?

Patrick Williams, 51, Recovering Ex-Pro-Triathlete

“My dream hamburger has to be made with all-natural, hormone-free beef on a nice, soft bun, with lots of gooey cheese, any kind—sliced raw jalapenos all over it—and instead of mustard and ketchup, I like Ranch dressing on my burger.”

Patrick Williams, 51, Recovering Ex-Pro-Triathlete

Emily Thompson

“You got a medium size, medium cooked hamburger, cheddar cheese melted into the patty, avocado, bacon, lettuce, pickles and onions and definitely In-N-Out sauce on a little-bit toasted bun.”

Emily Thompson, 17, student

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Austin Wilson

“Just a regular bacon cheeseburger is good with me, to tell you the truth. With thick cut applewood smoked bacon. American cheese or sharp cheddar. Some raw red onions on there—I’m not a sauteed onion guy. I like mustard. Pickles too.”

Austin Wilson, 46, State Employee

Sarah Drees

“Probably TWO patties, with melted swiss or cheddar, bacon—like extra bacon—lettuce, ketchup, mustard—on a toasted sesame.bun.”

Sarah Drees, 17, Student

Michael Osterbur

“A bison burger, medium, on a toasted bun with melted, slightly burnt asiago. Heirloom tomatoes. Thick cut pickles right on the burger. More melted asiago. Two slices of slightly crispy bacon.”

Michael Osterbur 34 Physical Therapist

Elise Baker with baby Aster

“It would be a medium-well beef burger with barbeque sauce and onion rings—like a rodeo burger, but gourmet. And crunchy lettuce. Some sauteed mushrooms. And Bubbies bread and butter pickles.”

Elise Baker, 36, Nanny—with daughter Aster


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