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“If music be the food of love, play on,” wrote some famous guy with a quill. (How did Shakespeare do all that without a computer, anyway, or at least a typewriter?)

We have plenty of love for food and music in this issue.

When I lived in Kansas City there was never a party without at least an hour of debate about which pit restaurant made the best barbecue. It was a topic always guaranteed to spur plenty of conversation.

Based on the volumes of talk on our socials,  Santa Cruz has the same fascination with the not-so-simple hamburger. We’ve taken them far out of the realm of bun-meat-bun fast food into a whole new galaxy, and this is your week to check out the varieties all over town at a fantastic price.

Food writer Mark C. Anderson has done a wonderful job getting the lowdown on what restaurants are cooking up for this favorite meat week.

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You can also win gift certificates to sample all of the local candidates. This is almost better than the Iowa caucus.

My phone is blowing out with burger comments and I want to try them all. Keep those suggestions coming.

On the music front, I was enthralled with the fact that Santa Cruz locals flew to Maui to donate guitars to kids who lost everything in the devastating fires there. Some critics thought maybe they should have donated money or food, but see Willy B’s quote above for why guitars are crucial to living a fulfilling life. Check Mat Weir’s article for more info and to see how you can help.

One of the craftiest living guitarists will be in Santa Cruz Friday, only he’s not bringing his guitar. Robert Fripp whose band, King Crimson is so far from anything in the mainstream he might as well be living in a desert, will be talking and answering questions at Kuumbwa Jazz Center. John Malkin’s interview here gives you some insight into the life of a quirky legend unknown to most, but an influence to so many musicians who followed, including Tool, with whom they toured in 2001. (Crimson Trivia: the band opened for the Rolling Stones in Hyde Park, 1969 and Fripp played guitar on David Bowie’s 1977 song “Heroes”.

Thanks for reading.

Brad Kava | Editor

Photo Contest

RED SKY AT NIGHT Fire water at Black’s Beach from October. Photograph by Bethany Clare

Good Idea

Calvary Church is building a permanent labyrinth and native plant garden at the corner of Lincoln and Center streets in Santa Cruz. They are looking for volunteers to help build it.

“Our vision of this project is to provide a place of respite and renewal in the heart of Santa Cruz for downtown residents, workers, and visitors. A 7-circuit, classical labyrinth at the center of a

vibrant and colorful garden on the grounds of Calvary Church will invite visitors to follow its

winding path, relax, and reflect.

For info: calvarysantacruz.org/labyrinth

Good Work

Dignity Health Dominican Hospital is giving $207,942 to community based organizations across Santa Cruz County. They include: Family Services Agency of the Central Coast – Suicide Survivors Outreach Team, $42,942; WomenCARE Cancer Support Services, $35,000; Food, What – Youth Empowerment through Sustainable Agriculture and Culinary Arts

Training, $50,000; Kid Power – Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower, $30,000; Teen Kitchen Project – Medically Tailored Meals Program, $50,000; and The Diversity Center’s’ Health and Wellbeing Initiative,$35,000.

Quote of the Week

“If your dreams don’t scare you they are not big enough.”
Ellen Johnson Sirleaf


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