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Although we publish a special issue for people over 50 later in the month (along with one for students a couple of months later), some of the biggest stories in this issue involve age.

Don’t miss Josué Monroy’s account of the aging of the county’s population. A couple of numbers stand out. People over 65 now account for 17.5% of the population, while those 25-54, who are counted as the biggest earners and spenders, make up only 12%.

That’s something to shake your head at, given the history of a community filled with surfers, artists and students that used to skew so young. And the fact that the cost of housing is so high younger people have to leave to live is changing the future right before our eyes.

There’s also a widening gap, and not more than a little ageism, between the young and old. Take a look at John Koenig’s Street Talk column, where no one has anything good to say about the age of our two political candidates. There was a time when age represented wisdom, but not so much anymore, based on the answers here.

There was some good news this week from a person of age (Can we use that expression, like we do “of color”?)

Music lover Mark Chambers-Bray has donated $1 million to the Santa Cruz Symphony in honor of his deceased partner, Roy Chambers-Bray. It’s the largest donation in the organization’s 67-year history and Chambers-Bray has promised even more to be left in his will. The generosity and love for this community he’s shown brings a tear to my eye, as does that of Rowland Rebele, whose family continues to support the arts after his death at 92.

When you see how some rich people spend their money on yachts, vacation islands, trips to Mars, you really have to salute those who choose to help their communities here on Earth.

Speaking of culture, which we have so much of here, and far more than in much larger cities, Santa Cruz Shakespeare is keeping the Bard alive for all ages to get a taste of the renowned playwright whose work has continued to thrill for four centuries.

Christina Waters’ piece shows how directors keep the spirit alive after all this time. And his plays are older than Biden or Trump.

Thanks for reading.

Brad Kava | Editor


SMOOTH SAILING Here is a photo I took of the Santa Cruz Harbor Wednesday night race. Photograph by Susan Japinga.


The California Public Utilities Commission has awarded $45 million to three regional internet service providers: Cruzio, Surfnet Communications and LCB Communications.

Over half of the nearly $73 million has been awarded to the Central Coast region to enhance broadband infrastructure and address critical issues in the digital divide in unserved and underserved rural and low-income communities.

Cruzio Media got up to $5.65 million for broadband to 759 unserved locations frequently at risk of natural disasters.

Surfnet got $10.08 million for service to 465 locations and LCB got $29.48 million for a network to 1,101 unserved locations.


The California Department of Tax and Fee Administration’s online “Virtual Agent” chatbot now speaks Spanish, making it possible for taxpayers to get answers to common tax questions in both English and Spanish 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taxpayers can access the Virtual Agent on cdtfa.ca.gov by clicking on the Chat button.

More than 20% of CDTFA’s customer service representatives speak Spanish and assist taxpayers who call in. CDTFA team members also provide interpretation services in 40 other languages.

In addition, CDTFA has resources in the 16 most common languages, including Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese.


“Attracting young people to see theater is the only way it’s going to keep going.”
–Susan Dalian, director


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