.Tom Brooks Winery’s Take on Petite Sirah

My stepson, who lives in Omaha, periodically sends us meat from Omaha Steaks. With a freezer full to overflowing with pork chops, T-bones and burgers, I invited friends over for dinner to at least use up a whole box of many Americans’ favorite food—burgers! Very few “beef burgers and chips” (hamburgers and fries) appeared on my plate when I was growing up in England, and, after three decades in the good ol’ U.S.A, I eat one only now and then.

I had met up with Tom Brooks recently, of Tom Brooks Winery, where he handed off his 2013 Petite Sirah for me to try. So, why wait? Burgers and Petite Sirah it is—and an opportunity to share this delicious wine with friends.

Big aromas of dark fruits emanated from the bottle—a good sign of what was to come. Tom Brooks’ full-bodied Petite Sirah was a hit over dinner with its distinctive campfire-smoke aroma and intense fruit flavors, especially of blueberries, blackberries and black cherries. Touches of walnut and persimmon round out this beautiful wine—a tasty treat for the tongue and olfactory senses. Brooks says, “it just gets smoother as it ages.” And if you’re throwing a couple of steaks on the “barbie,” then a Petite Sirah pairing would be perfect.

Winemaker Tom Brooks has a small operation in Bonny Doon where he makes Petite Sirah and Rosé. I’m thankful that we can buy this Saveria Vineyards Petite Sirah 2013 for about $29 at Whale City Bakery in Davenport and at Shopper’s Corner in Santa Cruz—where wine buyer Andre Beauregard says it’s well worth carrying.

You can get in touch with Tom Brooks on Facebook or at 426-1509.

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