.Twig’s Rolled Ice Cream Hits Santa Cruz

Gah, Logos! The news that the used-book-and-records fixture is closing down has me all sentimental and weirdly anxious. When I first arrived in Santa Cruz, Logos was in its crazy earthquake-recovery location off of Laurel Street, in a structure that I remember looking a lot like one of those creepy warehouses the bad guys always meet at before a heist in the movies. I spent roughly 32,947 hours rifling through everything there over the next few years, looking for some obscure Patti Smith bootleg or Re/Search book or whatever. When it moved to its “new” location on Pacific, sweeping through for a quick or extended browse was just part of what one did when one was downtown on a Friday night. Now, with it being right next door to the GT office, I swing by at lunch sometimes, usually to see if there are any new children’s poetry books my kid will like. I feel in every way like I’ve grown up with that place, and I’ll miss it. Check out Jacob Pierce’s story in our news section for the full story.

Otherwise, this week is all about burgers, because it’s … wait for it … Burger Week! Our staff has been eating stacks and stacks of them, and now you can, too. Check out some of our favorites in the cover story—we have meatless options, too, of course—and a full list of the debut participants with details about their featured burgers this week!




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