.Visitor Guide 2018

They say men don’t like to ask for directions, but I, for one, love it. My only concern is asking the right person for directions. For Visitor Guide, we pulled together a team of quintessential insiders to ask for tips about what to do in Santa Cruz.

Want to know the latest food trend to check out in Santa Cruz? No problem, we’ve got Christina Waters writing in this issue about the bowl craze that has officially swept the county. Want to know about an offbeat subculture to explore in downtown? No problem, DNA is here to tell you about Santa Cruz’s long tradition of great barbershops. Heck, he’ll even tell you where barbershops started 5,000 years ago. Interested in Santa Cruz’s reputation as a center of alternative medicine, and thinking you’d like to try something that’s truly on the cutting edge? Maria Grusauskas is going to clue you in to craniosacral therapy. Want to see this place from an entirely new perspective? Jacob Pierce will tell you what it’s like to hover over the Santa Cruz coastline in a helicopter—and how you can, too.

Not to mention, there’s a handy guide to hundreds of local businesses specializing in whatever you’re looking for. And you know what? You don’t even have to ask. Just sit right down and let us get you where you want to be.



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