.Voting in Scorpio—The Test. Which Candidate is the Disciple?

Libra said to us, “Let choice be made.” Now in Scorpio we act upon our choice by voting. I urge everyone to vote. Everyone’s vote is important. Why? Nov. 8, voting day, the moon will be void-of-course with Mercury in Scorpio. There could be mix ups concerning ballots, things mysteriously not available. We may need to demand that all votes cast are not changed and then counted correctly. Things could mysteriously (Scorpio) be “lost.” Let us be vigilant.

Voting is part of responsible “discipleship” (Scorpio task). Our nation asks us to vote. We are given two very unusual candidates. This election is a test for humanity in the United States. A test, from Scorpio and Mars (Scorpio’s ruler), to see if we can recognize which candidate is the “Disciple” leading our country into the light, regenerate our land and its people. It’s a very subtle and refined test of choice.

As the Forces of Darkness are very clever, we must remember to, “Beware of the darkness, it looks like the Light.” And often what we perceive as dark or inexperienced or any other words of judgement we use—what we perceive as not good enough, often is the Light.

We cannot perceive the Right Choice for our nation with emotions. We must choose with the heart which is not emotional. We must “hear” with our heart. The heart is shaped like a human ear. It listens deeply. But not if emotions and reactions are polarizing us. Then we are blinded. Then the heart is still.

Libra told us last month, “To make Right choice, align with the Will-to-Good which becomes Goodwill within us.” Then Right Choice comes forth.

Note: There will be synchronized meditation flash mobs at polling stations across the United States. See you there, everyone. Visit elevatethevote.com for more info.

ARIES: You are being asked to create order and organization in your daily life. To bring to all relationships a greater level of love. To tend to resources held in common with others with greater care. To pursue a course of study that will stabilize you as well as please you. To bring forth a transformation in your work. And to realize that your self-identity is going through another change. Study the art and science of astrology.

TAURUS: You work harder than most, and can be more measured than most. This is an observation. It acknowledges your careful methods and deliberate actions so that what you create is always of value. You like money and possessions but sometimes take risks with spending. Is your energy equated to self-worth? If you have less energy do you believe you are less valuable? This is incorrect thinking. You are steady, constant, reliable, good and pure value.

GEMINI: When there is a mental approach in any direction and in connection with the many opposites in manifestation, you have the emergence of the divine messenger, able to comprehend extremes and relate them divinely to each other. Gemini is pre-eminently the sign of the messenger, and this sign produces many of the messengers of God as they appear down the ages … the revealers of new divine truths. Are you doing your job as a messenger?

CANCER: Great desires and/or aspiration are part of your being. When there isn’t enough of something we learn how to cherish. What in your life do you feel there isn’t enough of? There’s a mantra we say each morning. You will like it. Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.” You understand this mantra. You allow nothing pretentious in your life. Plant and tend several Boswellia sacra (frankincense) trees.

LEO: You have become a mother lion, deeply protective of home, family, friends, relationships, life events. Are you living a somewhat solitary existence? Much of what you do, feel and think is both instinctual and intuitive. The two are different aspects of the s/Self. One is our animal heritage, the other our angelic heritage. We are from the stars … stardust. Your mind seeks to know humanity’s origins.

VIRGO: A new energy has come over you. You’re active, more dynamic, responding quickly to situations. At times you can be suddenly creative. You wonder why. It’s Mars affecting your creative self-identity. At times you may feel angry, quick to judge. Have the intentions to be direct, truthful and spontaneous. Don’t “kill the Buddha on the road.” Pursue creativity instead.

LIBRA: Attempt to regard the ideas and opinions of others as valuable. They hold truths that your heart seeks to assimilate. You need someone around who makes you laugh; with a sense of humor you understand. You need to laugh yourself out of the veils surrounding your life. These are natural veils. However, you’re tired of them. Watch the video of Alan Watts in Hollywood teaching the laughing meditation. And laugh with him.

SCORPIO: Your purpose is to interact with many people in order to know (recognize) yourself. Your other purpose, also important, at this time is to help others, especially in groups (very special groups). Learn their identity, as they articulate goals and discover cooperation. Like Aquarius, you have many acquaintances, some friends, few intimates. This year you are re-designing yourself.

SAGITTARIUS: Things are not easy at times. Perhaps you feel a bit stifled, more tenuous about asserting yourself, at times defeated that all actions are futile. This is temporary. Your energy is hiding away with your courage. Past events and memories flood your mind. Deep down you are strong, able to work independently, and you believe in yourself. We believe in you, too.

CAPRICORN: Whatever you are doing, you work hard, climb the ladder, set goals, meet them, create boundaries and move ahead. Is there someone elderly or a parent figure needing your help? Perhaps it’s a memory or a dream. You are very serious and respectful. You are original. And a paradox. Something has occurred in your life that has transformed you. The transformation will continue.

AQUARIUS: Always you have needed a challenging and interesting partner, someone steadfast in their love, unafraid of conflict, equally aware politically and with the ability to practice compromise. Actually you might consider a bit more compromise, too. Are you able to understand others’ points of view? Make that important decision on the side of safety. You will want to study something soon.

PISCES: Do you seek to create something that is vast and far reaching? A place where people want to live and work and “have their being?” A community that is educational and healing? You work best independently, as a leader. One of your rulers as a Pisces is Pluto. You understand power. Power needs love to be effective. You’re very skilled in both. An unusual time is ahead with new and different experiences. Be generous, be kind and love more.


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