.What’s the toughest job you’ve ever had?

lt-moPicking grapes. I was just this young hippie at the time trying to put some money together, thinking I could do it. Halfway down one row I had cut myself 14 times.

Mo Moscovitz, Santa Cruz, Teacher



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lt-elizabethParenting is the hardest thing I have done, and it’s still hard. But it’s definitely worth it.

Elizabeth Murphy, Aptos, Bookkeeper





lt-ericLandscaping. Pushing a lawnmower up a 45-degree hill in about 110-degree weather.

Eric Simmons, Santa Cruz, Unemployed




lt-mikeCleaning out a pack rat’s house. Lots of random things out of a basement. I’m glad it only lasted for one day.

Mike Ulisny, Santa Cruz, Gardner





lt-markTelling the truth to my wife.

Mark Wallace, Santa Cruz, Artist


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