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Old School Rules

Tania Plascencia grew up working in her dad’s restaurants throughout childhood, then went to school and had a job in the medical field for 12 years. But when the pandemic hit and her dad needed help running Cadillac Café, an iconic spot in Watsonville he purchased in 2018, she decided to dive back into the restaurant industry and become a full-time server.

The café is a neighborhood gem and local hub, proven so by its many regulars and multi-generational following. The 1950’s diner vibes are redolent, and the car theme is prominent–the back half of a 50’s Cadillac sits on the restaurant’s roof. The menu is big and so are the portions.

 Plascencia says the food is classic American diner fare with a Mexican influence. The omelets named after local places highlight the breakfast menu, like the Monterey with bacon, mushroom, avocado and cheese. There’s the aptly named Juevos Divorciados (divorced eggs), one served with red salsa and one with green.

Hours are 7am-3pm Tuesday-Sunday.

Tell me about the family influence?

TANIA PLASCENCIA: My dad doesn’t only own the place, he is very involved in all aspects of the operation. He’s here 24/7 and is the head chef. He also chooses, installs and maintains the décor and building. My brother works here too, and has since day one along with my mother. And also, with everyone that walks in the door, we treat them like they are part of the family too.

How does your medical background help with restaurant work?

They are both all about customer service, and you really have to know how to multitask in both professions. It’s not the same, but it kind of is too. When I worked in medicine, my job was to help set up everything for the patient before they saw the doctor. And here at Cadillac, we set the guests up with everything before their meal, so in both situations my job is to create a successful experience.

2906 Freedom Boulevard, Watsonville, 831-761-1038



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