.Dilated Pupil 2017

Dilated Pupil 2017 cover Good Times magazine[dropcap]G[/dropcap]ather round, oh ye students! Let me tell you the legends of the Slug life. Like the Kresge College of old, still celebrated in verse and song, when the anarchism flowed freely, nudity was expected, and students wandered through Kresge Day in a hallucinogenic haze. Actually, just read about it in this issue of Dilated Pupil, as Georgia Johnson explores the cultural history of UCSC’s wildest college. Elsewhere, Richard Stockton explores the question of how much protest is too much, and whether it’s okay to sabotage the machinery of government if the machinery really, really deserves it. Plus, learn about UCSC’s secret soft spot for sports, and find absolutely everything you’ll need in Santa Cruz. Time to get dilated, pupil!



In this issue:

HIGHER LEARNING: The altered state of Kresge College: a history

OPERS SEASON: The truth about UCSC sports

I MUST PROTEST: 2, 4, 6, 8, this is how I smashed the state







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