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In Anne-Marie Harrison’s story this week about Gary Conley, the Santa Cruz environmental consultant who became a globetrotting adventurer, Conley calls surfing a “medium of connection with people.” It’s an unorthodox description, and yet one that gets closer to the soul of surfing than “sport” or “hobby” or any of the awkward shorthand attempts to define it.

In that spirit, this first-ever Surfing Issue of GT is a medium of connection with people, too. Though we have been known to write about issues related to surfing, profile local surfers, and take on many of the same environmental issues about which surfers are passionate, we’ve never just let loose with a whole issue focusing on this most integral part of the Santa Cruz experience.

Of course, even if we put out an issue on the subject every week, we couldn’t hope to cover every facet of surfing, but I think the stories here are an interesting survey of the state of the art. Read about Conley’s safari, understand how Mavericks is changing, discover one local company’s eco-conscious take on the surfboard, and let David Schulkin explain to you why surfing is the perfect metaphor for self-improvement. Enjoy, and as Johnny Utah says in Point Break: vaya con dios, brah. 

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Stone Walled

Re: “Daily Pressed” (GT, Feb. 18): Anybody else find it ironic that the editor and publisher of the two biggest dailies on the bay refuse to talk to the press? They stiffed the GT reporter trying to cover their ailing Santa Cruz Sentinel.

Everyone else in the area—local government officials, land developers, cops, firefighters, residents—all should feel free to emulate such courage and integrity if a Sentinel reporter comes poking around, asking uncomfortable questions.


John McNicholas, Santa Cruz

So Much For Romance

Mr. Yee’s letter (GT, Feb. 18) is romantic in its essence; however, it is the sight of marine life feeling safe enough to use the beaches, without fear, without disease and harm, that would be the ideal sight. Dogs have just about the entire county at their disposal (literally).  I can watch from my window each day and see dogs defecating, urinating and chasing anything that moves. Dogs and cats are not on our food chain. Our very lives are at stake if we lose our marine life.  

Gloria Sams, Santa Cruz

Tannery Rules

It’s good to have read about Kirby in “How Now Art Cow” (GT, Feb. 4). Kirby was key in the process of opening the Tannery Art Space Lofts in the beginning. Because of people like him, the Tannery has taken a more successful path. These days the campus is a very hip, creative, educational, and technical learning environment. It is home to many children, who are growing up in this lively environment where childrens’ art, dance, writing, and science classes take a dominant place.

For anyone visiting town, or anyone who cares to come bringing the spirit of immersion into the arts, take time now to invest yourself in the Tannery Art Center in Santa Cruz. I’m glad I do!

Coral L. Brune, Santa Cruz


Re: Laurie King

The biggest draw for me while reading the Mary Russell series is that I finally have someone I can see Holmes through. An intellectual feminine prism once only occupied by “The Woman.” It never stopped me from being a fan of Holmes, but the lack of a female his equal made me hungry for more, and I couldn’t imagine how the gap could be bridged. I love seeing him evolve in an entirely faithful way. Had their relationship been sexually charged or overtly romantic, it would not have rung true to either character. King walks a tightrope … but she balances everything beautifully, respectfully to Holmes’ essence, and dynamically towards smart, exciting new stories everyone can enjoy.  

Jeanine Gravitt

Excellent interview with great insights into the characters. I wish Ms. King would talk about how she “came upon” or was inspired to create these characters in this light. It’s fascinating that she has been able to take Conan Doyle’s automaton thinking machine and turn him into a real, live man. Thanks to her and to you for sharing this.

— Marnie Allbritten

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INSIDE I’M UPSIDE DOWN Taken the day before the Aptos BMX Bike Park was razed in February. Photograph by Elizabeth Good.


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UCSC kept the discussion that’s come out of the Ferguson protests alive last Tuesday with a panel on racial profiling, the justice system, and community solutions to the vast imbalances in nationwide institutions. Professors and student activists deconstructed how Ferguson contrasts starkly to the theory of a “post-racial society.”


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This week, teenagers from around Santa Cruz gather at the MAH for the yearly “Teen Nite: What the Cruz?!” event about creating social change locally. This is one of those events that gives us hope for the young, stoked visionaries of our future.


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“Wiping out is an underappreciated skill.” — Laird Hamilton



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