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Erin Malsbury spent many hours at Big Basin State Park for this week’s cover story, “Big Basin Recovery Spurs a Rethinking of Forest Futures.” There was so much for her to take in; there was so much land to cover.

“In the year since the CZU Lightning Complex Fire, the hills have echoed with the constant clamor of chainsaws, trucks and heavy equipment,” Malsbury writes. “Crews hauled burnt rubble out of the area and cleared more than 25,000 hazard trees after the fire. The second major phase of cleanup efforts, in partnership with Caltrans, Cal OES and Cal Recycles, wrapped up just a few weeks ago.”

The story eloquently captures what a fire of this magnitude has meant to the community and delves into Big Basin’s long history, a perpetual cycle of change that has led to the “Reimagining Big Basin Project.”

Here are some more breathtaking images courtesy of Malsbury.

A redwood sprouts new growth along its trunk and branches.
A birds-eye view of the recovery.
A burnt, hollow redwood in front of smaller resprouting trees.
A dead Douglas fir, estimated to be 200-300 years old.
Charcoals and burnt insides of the Mother of the Forest.
The bare canopy near the old-growth loop.
An ancient redwood with sprouts around its base.
One redwood sprouts along the trunk while its neighbor only sprouts from branches.
A crumbling trail, previously ADA accessible.
Blackened bark on an old-growth redwood.
A fallen giant next to new sprouts.
Resprouts in an otherwise empty canopy.
The “ever-living redwood tree” sign, ironically untouched by the flames.
sprouts growing from a cut log.
An old tree resprouting from its branches.
 A view of the forest surrounding the amphitheater.
Splintered remains at the base of an old redwood trunk.


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