.Fired From KSCO, Georgia “Peach” Finds New Alt-Right Audience

After losing her local platform for spewing vitriol about “white genocide,” former KSCO radio host Georgia “Peach” Beardslee has resurfaced—not on another right-wing show on the Central Coast, but on an anti-Semitic online broadcast from the Middle East.

“It’s a beautiful day here in Bolshevik, communist-run Santa Cruz,” Beardslee said during a May 18 interview on Inside the Eye—Live! with Dennis Fetcho (aka “The Fetch”), who says he’s a U.S. expat in Amman, Jordan. “I kinda feel like I’m coming out of the closet today.”

Beardslee’s return to far-right broadcasting came just after her former boss of eight years, KSCO 1080 AM Owner Michael Zwerling, used his May 4 show to address the aftermath of a late April decision to end her twice-weekly program. “Because of my and our commitment to free speech, I allowed a monster to be created on the radio station,” the owner said. Zwerling, who is Jewish, insisted that Beardslee had “changed,” and that allegations of promoting hate speech “had become a distraction.”

Staff at KSCO, Zwerling added, have faced a range of abuse. “Stinking, miserable, bleeping, Jew, gay, slimeball, crook,” he said of the backlash. “Never did I expect such unbelievable nastiness and personal slurs.”

He didn’t get any sympathy from the former host of KSCO Presents: Georgia.

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“I wouldn’t shed one tear if someone did something dastardly to KSCO, the anti-white radio station,” Beardslee said in her May 18 interview.

Beardslee, who goes by @peachescapitola on Twitter, speaks with a grandmotherly voice that at first almost makes it seem like her schtick could be an extreme act of performance art for notoriously liberal Santa Cruz. In a prime example of the hellscape of online posturing, the host who traffics in conspiracy theories and race baiting said of KSCO that, “These sub-humans are never fair … The most woke people were [on] my show.”

The host won fans among other extremist pundits like The Fetch, who called her “one of the great voices” for “European diaspora politics.” He praised Beardslee’s efforts to “re-moralize” Santa Cruz while employed by “a Jewish-owned and operated station in KSCO.”

What’s that old saying about the crazy racist snake coming back to bite you?


Nuz’s ears perked up last week when Thomas Cussins, co-owner of the new Felton Music Hall, told GT that Grateful Dead tribute bands make a great fit for the beloved San Lorenzo Valley music venue once known as Don Quixote’s. You might even say it was—sorry we can’t resist—music to our ears

Now, don’t get the wrong idea—we’re not “dead heads” or anything. Seriously, our idea of an acid trip is a walk to the corner store to buy a quart of orange juice, and our favorite teddy bear is Fozzie from the Muppets. But we do know the county’s music scene. It so happens that the joint’s previous owner Bradd Barkan—who changed the venue’s name from Don Quixote’s to Flynn’s Cabaret and Steakhouse—showed signs of steering away from the alt-country, psychedelic rock and world music vibes that made the space special. Before launching in late 2017, he told GT that he wanted to bring in different kinds of acts and threw shade at the approach of longtime booker Tom Miller, who left for a job at Michael’s on Main. Barkan said he wanted his spot to be, “a nice, high-quality five-star restaurant” with music. After a year and a half in business, Barkan, a realtor by trade, surely discovered how tough the industry really is. It’s a lesson he must’ve learned the hard way, since he took out the biggest loan in Santa Cruz Community Credit Union history, according to an advertisement that ran in a September 2018 issue of GT.

Felton doesn’t need the biggest band names or the juiciest steaks. It simply longs for good music from a reliable venue that can stay above water. Cussins, who’s known locally for his work booking the Catalyst, says he’s ready to give the people what they want.


  1. Beardslee is an idiot. He knew full well what he was stepping into. For a grown man with experience in life to not acknowledge any tell tale red flags in The guise of free speech is beyond me- either he is woefully gullible to a knebbish degree or he has his head so far up his pooter that his own farts keep him in a deadhead state of bliss on an infinite basis. I hope you’re kicking yourself, buddy. You are now the Art Garfunkel of your whatever the hell you call the world you live in. Thanks again for exacerbating the issue.

  2. We all know white genocide is happening

    anybody that attempts to refute it just makes a total a$% of themselves

    this is why anti-whites have to demand SILENCE on the issue, they can’t allow people to discuss it and they DEFINITELY can’t allow liberals to try to debate it and make themselves look like useful idiots.

  3. Barrow is an idiot. Clearly no idea what one is talking about is mouthing bs meaningless “talking points” in a massive display of either chutzpah overreach, or useful idiot virtue signaling. Beardslee is not a he, it is a she, which means that Barrow is commenting on an issue and discussion for which the person clearly is not versed in nor educated enough to even be discussing.

    More on this later.

    • “robyn”, you just proved Robert Whitaker’s dictum: “There’s nothing dumber than an anti-White White.”

  4. I’m very proud that I was a major force for awakening Santa Cruz to the hate spewing Georgia peach it cost me my radio show but it was worth it you’re welcome Santa Cruz

  5. What a pathetic article. Everybody knows the biggest anti-semites are the so-called liberal/progressives. They call for the destruction of Israel as often as the Mullahs of Iran do. Zwerling just caved to the hateful left, who have hacked the radio station two times and threatened the sponsors as the left always does. But you will never see an article here about those atrocities, as it is “any means necessary” when it comes to destroying the hated right. Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda master, famously said: ” Always accuse your enemies of what YOU are really doing” . Sound familiar Good Times? It should.

  6. If anyone can speak – everyone can speak. I’m black so this ain’t my thing and the government shouldn’t have a monopoly on lies; it’s up to everyone to check out everything. But us poor [insert your racial slur of choice] are also given the same censorship when we get uppity.


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