.Letter to the Editor: A Letter from the Monarchs

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Re: St. Joseph Development Proposal Adjacent to Monarch Sanctuary Lighthouse Field

Dear Humans:

We are grateful you have generously provided us a beautiful, protected sanctuary where we migrate to overwinter at Lighthouse Field.

We love that visitors come from around the world to see us and learn about our world, our umwelt, the sensory bubble that is our perceptual world.

Our species views the world through a tetrachromatic system by ultraviolet light, invisible to the human eye, to migrate, navigate and locate food sources. 

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We are attuned to vibration in the ultrasound range. Human frequency levels are around 20 kilohertz. Human activity doubles the background noise in 63 percent of protected spaces like national parks.

What is considered “extrasensory” in your world is simply “sensory” in ours.

An often-overlooked phenomenon is sensory pollution—human-made stimuli that interfere with the senses of other species. Because of this, impacts are ignored that shouldn’t be.

So we are asking humans to break out of their sensory bubble and consider the unique ways Monarchs experience their surroundings, the human world. “To perceive the world through our senses is to find splendor in the familiar and the sacred in the profane.” What is it like to be a Monarch?


The Monarchs 

The Monarchs were placed on the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species today.

The City Planning Department is holding a continuance for the public hearing on the St. Joseph Development Proposal, to be held virtually on Oct. 6, 7pm.

Contact City Planning at [email protected] or call 831-420-5100 with questions.

Fiona Fairchild

Santa Cruz

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