.Letter to the Editor: Another Rerun

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Thank you Tony Nunez for your article on the Downtown Expansion Plan (GT, 10/5). Described is the EIR process and varying perspectives of residents, city council members, planners and consultants. At the heart of the matter is a rerun of an outdated story, well-documented in the movie Citizen Jane: The Battle for the City. I urge everyone wanting Santa Cruz to be more original, nourishing and accessible than other concrete and congested cities to stream this award-winning film. Therein, we are well-advised by the main character, Jane Jacobs: “Cities have the capacity of providing something for everybody, only because and only when they are created by everyone.”  

We are in this together! Become informed through “Stop the Skyscrapers,” OurDowntownOurFurture.org and buildcommunitysc.org.

The city council and development teams are reaching for the sky, knowing they can profit well by getting less. But their “less” would still stress water and transportation resources, while obscuring our pressing needs: climate change risks and disaster preparedness, real affordable housing and homelessness. Let’s not succumb to the wedded partnership between our city’s decision makers and developers. “Follow the Money” is another rerun that is not in our people’s best interest.

Laura Lee

Santa Cruz

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