.Letter to the Editor: Bus-Trail, Not Rail-Trail

A major component of “Bus-Trail” has already been proven by riding the 91X bus while averaging 60mph between Watsonville and State Park Drive in Aptos at a cost of only $1 for some or $1 more for others. Any proposed (and only imagined) “high-speed” train upon the corridor couldn’t perform that same task in any less time or cost.

“Bus-Trail” can also assure families of bicyclists and those on foot safe contiguous corridor travel by not having to share inappropriate segments with high-powered vehicles. “Bus-Trail” can also match “Rail-Trail” along the Corridor between the Boardwalk and Capitola Village, and with ability to leave the corridor, eliminate transfers to avoid traversing a significant hill to Capitola Village. “Bus-Trail” can also handle an ever-changing future by updating routes. That includes interfacing to any possible Coastal Rail Trail using a similar solution as in Paris, France.

Let’s benefit Santa Cruz County residents by implementing “Bus-Trail” ASAP!

Bob Fifield | Aptos

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  1. Yes, BRT has level boarding, room for bikes, flexible in connecting, flexible in trail/road usage, alternative fuel. Low cost fares, low cost construction costs. BRT is even faster than the proposed “streetcar” which didn’t even take into consideration first/last mile scheduling.

  2. Interesting how for years we’ve heard from Greenway and Trail Now how there’s no room for a train to run with a trail but somehow now a bus is going to be better? If anything a bus, not self guided like a rail vehicle will have to operate with tall steel retaining walls on each side. God forbid the bus steers into some pedestrians on the walkway.
    Remember in 2018 when Greenway started a fear mongering campaign in Capitola stating that a Yes vote on Measure L would preserve the corridor for cyclists, pedestrians and other forms of human powered transportation meaning nothing with a motor (electric) nothing with an engine. Yet after Measure L passed they started talking about running busses. Best bet is Rail & Trail because there’s no money for a stand alone trail.


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