.Letter to the Editor: Countercultured

What a wonderful tribute to my father Neal Cassady (“Heart of Beat,” GT, 3/10). I am the baby in his arms [on the cover], age 1, San Francisco.

DNA did a beautiful job of honoring dad and the counterculture, which is so very important in these crazy times.

Santa Cruz is a perfect place, as the history of this town is full of counterculture landmarks.

The Hip Pocket Bookstore (dad worked there!), the communes (please check out Holly Harman’s beautiful memoir Inside a Hippie Commune), the Hip Project, the Catalyst, the Barn, UCSC, etc.,etc.,etc.—too many to mention here.

Thank you DNA, Steve Palopoli, Dan Pulcrano and everyone who enjoys and celebrates all the original thinkers, writers, artists and visionaries that have been before and will forge ahead in the future. 

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Jami Cassady | Santa Cruz

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