.Letter to the Editor: Get Back to The Office, Supes

A letter to the editor of Good Times

Where are the county supervisors? They are using the pandemic as an excuse to not meet in person. It has made our community disconnected with what laws they are passing and what taxes they are strapping you with.

A few that have passed right under our noses was the property tax that would fund the Buena Vista transfer station. It will be $110/year and go up to $175 after five years. At which point, the supervisors will meet again and decide how much it will go up for the next five years. This process will go on for the next 20+ years! We had the option to protest at an online county meeting back on June 7, with only two protesters attending. Apparently, notices were sent out by the Public Works Department notifying us of the option. However, I, nor any of my neighbors, received one. My Supervisor, Manu Koenig, did not notify his constituents of the vote until the day before, and did not specify that the number of “protestors” could affect whether it would pass or not. Something is fishy, and an internal investigation should take place. Statistically speaking, it just doesn’t make sense that only two people and myself within the rural areas cared about such a high tax increase.

Another bill that was passed Aug 23 affects all who utilize a septic system. Major changes for septic systems have been implemented through the LAMP program. During a property sale, you are required to have the system inspected, declare whether it is “legal” and what enhancements it could benefit from. Felton, Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond, Summit area, are you listening? What will you be responsible for as a homeowner upon sale? Will you have to tear down your “non-conforming” cabin? Could you be sued if you declare incorrectly? As a realtor, this provision is very concerning. Most failing systems will have to be upgraded to an enhanced system costing $60,000-80,000.

All supervisors voted for this except Manu Koenig, who had requested more information. They are continuing to discuss the details of this so I hope all “chime in” asap.

I truly hope anyone who reads this takes the time to call their supervisor and demand they get back to the office. It’s not Covid, it’s laziness and the ability to keep you in the dark. I have asked Koenig, who states he feels it’s necessary to get back to the county building, to put the issue to a vote. Get other supervisors on record stating they just want to keep working remotely. As of right now, no one answers the phone at any supervisor’s office.

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Dana Juncker

Soquel/Summit area

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