.Letter to the Editor: Give Us Housing Options

Re: “What’s In Door” (GT, 5/19): We need multifamily housing in Santa Cruz—apartments, duplexes, row houses, quadplexes, dingbats, all of it. More options than the current 70+% of the city that is single-family homes only. There has been an old guard of savvy elite property owners who talk a progressive game while being on the wrong side of history for several decades, reinforcing segregation and furthering climate change through pro-sprawl and anti-city notions. We can build up and share the cities. The time is now.

Kyle Kelley

Santa Cruz

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  1. It’s unfortunate that YIMBY proponents feel the need to use shame and blame to get their point across. For a more balanced perspective please read Jeffrey Schwartz’s commentary on housing, affordable and otherwise, in today’s (Aug 4) Sentinel.


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