.Letter to the Editor: Greenway Vision

Last week’s letter writer to the Good Times (GT, 5/19) spitefully condemns Santa Cruz Greenway and the six RTC members who voted not to accept the business plan for a train.

His letter is full of untruths, innuendos and vague references to individual conspiracies and hidden agendas. I hope he doesn’t represent the majority of train supporters, because if he does, the train supporter arguments have essentially sunk into the gutter.

From its very conception, the Greenway vision has been clear and steady—railbank the corridor for a possible future train so we can start using the corridor’s full width and existing trestles for recreation and green transportation now. We have enough Measure D funds to make this a reality.

I, for one, would like to thank the six RTC members who voted correctly in putting aside the dream for a train. We can now begin to move forward with the right action of implementing a multi-use trail. This, combined with vast improvements to METRO, will bring real solutions to county transit concerns and social equity.

I am confident that the RTC staff will work diligently to come up with the best trail possible. It is a bonus that the old steel rails, which need to be removed in all future scenarios, can be sold to help finance such an endeavor. The Greenway vision is getting closer every day. Thank you commissioners!

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Betsy Riker | Santa Cruz

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  1. Thank you! Jim Weller was way over the top with his scurrilous rhetoric. All he can do is repeat tired FORT rhetoric and propaganda.

  2. Agreed. hard to believe Jim Weller was paid thousands of dollars in tax-payer money for his title searches along the corridor only to lead us down a road of eminent domain takeover of property because of the lack of quality in his research.


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