.Letter to the Editor: Train Past is Train Prologue

Your story “Tracks of the Trade” (GT, 2/2) was a good summary of the latest controversy to embroil Greenway and its former director and ongoing figurehead, Manu Koenig.

I was bemused by Koenig’s claim to be a supporter of rail transit because “he previously worked for Germany’s national railway Deutsche Bahn AG.” From the sound of it, you’d think he supports railroads and rail workers.

In truth, during his six-month student internship at Deutsche Bahn in 2007, one of his main projects was a PR campaign attacking striking union rail workers. Past is prologue: he’s continuing his PR work against rail and rail workers today in Santa Cruz County.

Sara Knutsson

Live Oak

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  1. Supervisor Koenig provided an interesting take on his idea of a future train when he spoke at a Rotary Club meeting where rail transit legend Rod Diridon was the keynote speaker.

    Video here: https://youtu.be/EdWQAcFDstU

    Mr. Koenig seems to think cars are like a train, and if everyone would just buy a smart car and pay to use the highway, well, it would be better than a train.

    I respect the Supervisor’s ideas about housing but on transportation, not so much.

    It’s time for the RTC to complete repairs on the line and finish the rail trail and to pass the rail transit business plan to bring us clean wireless electric rail transit. http://www.coastfutura.org


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