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A letter to the editor of Good Times

Re: “Tape Heads” (GT, 9/28): It’s so disheartening to see this whole town fall underneath the key of one of the worst bands in history, the Grateful Dead. It’s like a cult town now. You’re lucky to find any blues, and everything else is just amateur regrinding. Anybody ever heard of Joe Sample? Marcus Miller? Anybody ever heard of the Crusaders? Some music that’s actually worth a good goddamn? Santa Cruz, there’s no music. It’s a music dump for the Grateful Dead. Sorry, not sorry. Local music rag Good Times dedicated their whole editorial to the Grateful [Dead]. Whatever. Sad days. 

Paul Logan

Santa Cruz

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    Poor Paul sounds like he could use a little Dead love. And I don’t mean necrophilia. I was never a Deadhead. When I was 16 I went to a show & had to leave to take a girl who went with us to the forest to calm her down as she was having a bad mushroom trip. I know, right? I never knew it was possible either! Anyway, It’s probably a good thing because instead of being a responsible business owner now who pays way too many taxes, I might be trying to get my VW bus back from an SCPD impound. Though I know Deadheads with PhDs & bigger, badder houses than mine on both coasts, so you never know. But I digress…

    Santa Cruz is an amazing musical mecca. Where else can you see Johhny Winter in a place as small as Mo’s or Nina Gerber at the Ugly Mug? This is world class stuff!

    I’ve come to appreciate The Dead since I saw a “farewell” show in San Jose a few years back. The music was diverse & tight with great guitar & keys & rhythms inspired from around the world. And beyond! It was also the friendliest vibe I’ve ever experienced on a mass level. I even got hugged tight by 2 different beautiful women who walked up & said, “I love you!” Yeah, baby! I love you too! One even came up from Santa Monica a month later to show me how much! I wish you could have been there, Paul. I’ll bet it would have given your gratitude gene a big boost. Thank you, Good Times, for the lively, informative Tape Heads article that shed light on a very unique culture the world would benefit greatly from embracing. War is not possible when everyone loves everyone.

    Ray Newkirk
    Santa Cruz


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