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Well written but I don’t see the names of Justin and his girlfriend who play the harps and are also a big reason people going there every Tuesday.

Ariella | Goodtimes.sc


I first met Sandy in the role of recording engineer back in the early 1970s. As a player, I rarely enjoyed the sound quality I was hearing on playback in studios. So, of course, my first session with Sandy changed everything. Finally, the recordings not only sounded right — they were even clearer, larger, more impactful. Alchemy? Wizardry? WTF!! The studio is an instrument, and Sandy not only knows how to play it…she knows how to build it.

Lucky to have had Sandy as a dear friend and audio sage for over 50 (gulp) years.

Bob Stern | Goodtimes.sc

Sandy fixed a console for me back in 1979 or 1980 at her workshop. She charged me only $50, which was a deal considering how much restoration she did. It worked beautifully.

She referred to herself as a “trans-sister” which I thought was a clever twist on words.

Hardly Fast | Goodtimes.sc

Fascinating story and beautifully written piece. Thank you!

Mark Wong-VanHaren | Goodtimes.sc

Thank you so much, Bill, for such a thoughtful and in-depth article about Sandy’s amazing history!

Marji Vecchio | Goodtimes.sc

What an amazing Trailblazer!

Clara | Goodtimes.sc


So powerful and beautiful.

Kim Luret | Goodtimes.sc

RE: A Gringo’s Stage Dive into Rock en Español with Alex Lora’s El Tri

Certainly, Brad Kava, El Tri de México Is the banda More Cool and legendary. Very much interesting your note. Thank you!

Richard Pompa | Metrosiliconvalley.com

CORRECTION In last week’s cover story on sound baths, the wrong day of the week was given for Kim Molloy’s weekly sessions at Moran Lake Beach. The sessions take place on Tuesdays one hour before sunset. For information, visit crystallinesound.com


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