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What is your favorite thing about the July 4th Weekend?


I like when they have fireworks at the Boardwalk. I’ve gone once with friends and family.

Naomi Steinkamp, 15, Toque Blanche on Pacific Ave


You get the best watermelon around Fourth of July weekend. I’m not a fireworks person, really. In fact, I work in Parks and we’ll be at the beach making sure there’s no fireworks.

Oliver Gee, 22, Parks and Rec Visitor Service Aid


Going to a casino in Sparks, Nevada, for the fireworks—I have family out there. And then we’ll go to the lake and enjoy the water and the weather.

Yaya Marquez, 29, Personal Trainer


The weather, it’s the perfect time of year—just getting hot, but not too hot yet. I like going to the beach and enjoying a nice quiet evening at Cowell Ranch Beach at Half Moon Bay.

Lester Mopas, 36, Finance


My favorite thing is probably the food. Hot dogs cooked on the grill, with relish, ketchup and mustard. On a toasted bun.

Laura Mopas, 35, Recruiter


Leaving town to see fireworks—and I’m fine with not setting our town on fire. We go to Red Bluff, north of Sacramento, where they don’t mind blowing shit up and burning it. It’s where I have family.

Jay Matt, “old,” “recovering” (health)


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