Oh R-T-C, you’ll break our hearts

Don’t fence us in

No need for miles of cement-wall parts

Don’t fence us in

secure document shredding

Who in the world has lost their senses

A passenger train if it ever commences

would see our byways riven by fences

Don’t fence us in

We’d lose most all our lovely trees

Trash the habitat, bring us to our knees

R-T-C Oh pretty please

Don’t fence us in

I’m a-riding through traffic every day

Don’t fence me in

{no sweet bike path like Monterey}

Don’t fence me in

We’ve had it up to here with studies and stuff

The Coastal Commission is gonna get tough

See a wide-open trail for our coastal bluff

Don’t fence us in.

We’re all quagmired in politicking

don’t fence us in

the kids grow up, the clock is ticking

don’t fence us in

There’s a transit solution without the tracks

No need for train, nor fence, nor tax

equity, beauty, with no drawbacks

Don’t fence us in

    Commissioners, Please Don’t fence us in

Corrina McFarlane

The Real World Exposes Truths

I saw An Inconvenient Truth years ago. At the time, I also felt that “It can’t happen here. We’ll figure a way out of it.” Unfortunately, we are surrounded with unscrupulous opportunists, endlessly deceiving others of their plan to “benefit” our planet, yet they have been the cause of years of delays from implementing commonsense.

Why is year after year being spent trying to rationalize squeezing in a single track to resuscitate a known very expensive implementation that over 100 years ago was intended for only slow-moving freight and tourist trains? Why “donate” endless millions into the pockets of those connected to this specialized rail dependency?

In the meantime, why are we continuing to tolerate a saturation of traffic on Highway 1? Let’s be open to ALL forms of transportation. For starters, by genuinely encouraging the saturation of electric bicycles upon the corridor, even those who never ride a bicycle would benefit.

Consider that for every bicycle, one car could be removed from the nearby highways. Make it easy on everyone by opening up the entire transportation corridor for bicycles capable of up to 30 MPH to easily enter or leave at any intersection at any time of any day. Such a totally asynchronous approach allows the ideal convenience because everyone can travel on their own schedule–all at the same time!

By strategically locating electric bicycle kiosk throughout the county, not only would revenue directly improve but ease of foot traffic to businesses (especially expeditious access to Capitola Village) would further improve revenue throughout our county. (Kiosk could include insurance coverage and maps of places of interest to further benefit tourists and businesses.)

(Not everyone is being fooled by promoters. Once the real world revealed truths, billionaire Theranos founders, found themselves in prison. Let’s trust that in most cases, no amount of deception can forever deny truths.)

How much does it take for everyone on this planet to realize the impact that our choices have? Some choices are priceless. When choices that benefit the most (including our environment), cost the least, are the safest and most expeditious as well as most flexible, are endlessly delayed, what is the holdup?

Implementing the Interim Trail would benefit so many more beyond just ourselves!

Bob Fifield l Aptos

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In Response to “The Colorful Prisms of Jewel”

I was at the show tonight – she showed up exactly as you described, vulnerable, and on a mission. Thank you for writing such a beautiful article.”


“Wonderful article/interview! Jewel has always been an inspiration to me now at 60 years of age, as well as to my 30-year-old daughter. She’s a beautiful role model, seems to stay very true blue to herself. She’s never sold-out. Keep being a great mentor, Jewel! I have family in Homer, AK & everyone loves the Kilchers!”



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