.Love Your Local Band: The Randy Savages

If you’re seeking to further your knowledge on wrestling, rather than streaming another documentary on Netflix, you can simply show up to a performance of local pop-punk band the Randy Savages and listen closely to the lyrics.

“We try to be as historically accurate as possible. We put a lot of research into the songs,” says bassist/vocalist Jesse Williams. “We use a bunch of wrestling jargon and name-drop wrestlers. We get pretty immersed in it. Oh yeah!”

Of course, you will likely learn the most about Randy Savage, as each band member is dressed as the Macho Man himself: tights, wrestling belts, headbands, and super cool sunglasses. Several songs are about Savage, some are covers from his long-forgotten rap album, others are from his point of view—like “Dig It,” which gives a glimpse into Savage’s mind as he’s lacing up his boots, preparing to get out there and be interviewed by Mean Gene before the big fight. 

“His dialogue is just great. You can turn it into lyrics pretty easily,” Williams says. “There’s no lack of inspiration.”

At the beginning of live shows, the band even enters from the back and points at the crowd while Savage’s infamous entrance music plays.

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Originally, Williams proposed a band that played pop-punk songs about wrestling to guitarist Nick Carroll, who loved the idea. Coincidentally, Carroll happened to start wrestling himself. He’s taught Williams some moves, and they have been known to spar a little during sets.

“He’ll do a foot stomp or maybe a groin chomp. Give me a big knee to the nuts,” says Williams. “Then we’ll go back to playing songs.”

7pm. Saturday, Sept. 28, Blue Lagoon, 923 Pacific Ave., Santa Cruz. $7. 423-7117.


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