.Mattia Pizza Truck Fuses Italian Cooking, Local Ingredients

For Florence-to-Santa Cruz transplants Samuele Polversoi and his wife Letizia, making pizza is a way to transport customers to their home country while also showcasing fresh, local ingredients. Mattia Pizza Truck, named after Polversoi’s oldest child, can be found at local breweries, wineries and private events.

How did you get into pizza making? 

SAMUELE POLVERSOI: My love for making pizza was born when I met Domenico Felice, the person who was then to become my teacher. He gave me the possibility of being recognized by the APP, Association Professional Pizzaioli.

Later on, I was able to become a professional at handling certain types of dough—examples would be gluten free, alternative mixes of flour, and of course, regular flour. Now it’s been six years that I am a certified professional pizza maker.

What makes your dough special?

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The pizza dough are simple ingredients: water, flour, yeast, olive oil, salt. With my passion, I created my dough with a mix of different flours, less yeast and 72 hours rise. I make different crust, too. Basil crust, cocoa crust, curcuma crust, paprika crust, and for sure my gluten-free crust.

Which of your pizza combinations would you recommend? 

Our masterpiece is the Pizza Sestola. San marzano tomato sauce, Italian sausage—made by myself—mushroom crimini, parmesan cheese and mozzarella. 

This pizza, for us it’s the most important. We dedicated it to our second town in Italy. We lived in Florence, but we have our second house in this little town on the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano, and here you can find all the toppings that we use on this pizza.

What would you like people to know about you?

That we make not only real Italian pizza, but we make some Italian dessert on request.

mattiapizzatruck.com; Facebook: Mattia Pizza Truck Santa Cruz; Instagram: Mattiapizza04.


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