.Mercury Retrogrades in Scorpio: Risa’s Stars Oct. 30-Nov. 5

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Oct. 30, 2019

Halloween this year brings us our old friend, shaman, coyote, heyoka (Lakota word for sacred clown, jester): Mercury retrograde, this time in Scorpio. That means it’s a more intense Mercury retrograde. Not light like Gemini, or quick like Aries, or on a journey like Sag, or in the future like Aquarius. Mercury in Scorpio is the deep, dark waters of the unconscious calling us to discipleship; it’s the Scorpio sting, eye of the eagle and the heart of the phoenix reorienting in the fires of transformation.

Mercury in Scorpio (retrograde) is feeling everyone’s thoughts and emotions, and it’s the Soul reminding us to have Right Communication, Goodwill and kindness (or else!). Mercury retrograde is a magical time, while Scorpio is a transformative testing time. In this Scorpio Mercury retrograde time, it’s good to review the Nine Tests given to all of us, to see if we are strong enough to be Disciples and World Servers.

The Nine Tests focus on the three aspects of the personality (physical, emotional and mental). Physical tests: sexuality, physical comfort over service to others, and the right use of money. Emotional tests: fear (inhibiting activities), hate (which destroys relationships), and excessive and obsessive ambition and desire for power (which can destroy entire nations). Mental tests: pride (creates a barrier to the soul), belief in separateness and isolation (create barriers to Right Human Relations), and cruelty (outcome of inappropriate use of power).

ARIES: How to more fully secure finances and resources held in common, and also stabilize relationships? You ponder these questions over the next several months. Some answers: Maintain necessary boundaries and confidentiality, yet be very truthful with those you trust. Pay bills, organize and safeguard important papers, tend to long forgotten needs (and deeds), and allow no alienation to occur. Share and safeguard more.

TAURUS: Important tasks, set aside for months, now need tending and completing. These include cleaning, clearing, home repair, organization, ordering supplies, licensing, day-to-day living needs, commitments, and something concerning marriage. Deep emotions emerge from the tests. They will appear in all relationships. Partnerships need deep, mindful listening. Sit down together. Communicate heart to heart, soul to soul.

GEMINI: The nine tests reveal themselves in daily life events, such as scheduling, tending to self, health, animals, and serving others. Mercury retrograde asks: are you taking care of yourself? Ask others to assist you if needed. It’s important that you tend to daily health tasks, set high standards, floss more carefully, act as if you are beloved, be respectful, and communicate as if the maintenance of the world depended upon it. You can do it all with grace and beauty.

CANCER: You might feel restricted, lost and alone, and far away from others, especially if family is not around. You may be stretched in four directions, experience financial fears with dreams intruding upon reality. “What’s real?” you ask. This question is all about the tests. You remember to step back and observe, to nurture yourself, and to dream more about what you really desire. And to plant some winter seeds.

LEO: You may be concerned about money—lack or loss of it, or not receiving your share in a family legacy or will. You may be concerned with having resources to purchase something quite large like a home. You remember nothing large is purchased in a retrograde. Sometimes you hide away enfolded in shadows. If there is persistent grief, take Ignatia Amara (homeopath). Death could be on your mind. Death is our great adventure, a liberation. We’ve experienced it thousands of times.

VIRGO: A quiet frame of mind may be what you’re experiencing. Mercury retrograde in Scorpio influences your thinking and communication. Careful that you don’t allow a critical nature or separative judgments to take hold. Have the intention to pass the Nine Tests with loving care. Then assist others in their tests. Hold a light up for them in their darkness.

LIBRA: Review all monetary situations—loans, bills, and tithes—in order to carefully assess finances in the next three months. This is a good exercise. You’ll find life is generous. In turn, you are to be generous, too. Give to (tithe) those in need. Do this scientifically; a bit each month. Financial differences occur within relationships. Stand your ground by sharing. Then share more. We are given more and more so we can give again and again.

SCORPIO: The tests for Scorpio center on one’s self-identity. You will observe your many selves through the lens of who you think you are, who you used to be, and who you really are, now and in the future. This is complex, but not confusing. It’s clarifying, especially since the tests are made especially for you. Watch your communication. Mercury will be watching and listening. Always practice Ahimsa (doing no harm). Karma is neutralized.

SAGITTARIUS: How you observe and tend to the Nine Tests will determine what your next opportunities will be. So, ponder upon, tend carefully to, and every moment complete the tests. They will appear even in dreams, at odd times day or night, when you’re about to fall asleep and in between thoughts, ideas and words on a page. People will appear offering you the tests. Information is available through this experience. Remember, eyes wide open, heart petals unfolded.

CAPRICORN: Dear Capricorn, always moving upward and onward. The tests, none of which deter you, will occur in teams, groups, with those around you and in your community. The tests, subtle and behind the scenes, will transform and reorient your values. The Nine Tests will ask what are your hopes, wishes and dreams for the future? For yourself and your family? What are your deepest goals?  What do you love? What future do you envision?

AQUARIUS: Your home and work life are in states of change. If you are a writer, photographer or artist, notice the nine tests appearing in your life. Attempt to portray them through the medium of your art. This is new esoteric art. Wherever you are, make it feel like home. Host a party. Use your creativity to write about, describe and film everything about home. This allows you to look homeward, like an angel.

PISCES: The world listens and sees you as a teacher. Make sure all that you say are words concerning the beloved. Everything is the beloved. Write and speak as if you hold the world in your hands and every movement shifts humanity into states of greater Goodwill. What am I saying? That every action we make affects humanity and all the kingdoms.


  1. Dear Risa~
    Your column moved me deeply. Upon reading your words I felt a profound opening in my heart chakra: as if a golden light suffused my being and began to radiate outwards from my body, through my skin into the All That Is…
    My mind, too, expanded, balloon-like, flying outward ~
    The oddest feeling came over me – that I was with and part of all beings, as well as a realm apart from physicality.
    Such liberation from time, bodily and quotidian restraints, has left me with a sense of being, simply Light.
    Thank you, so bountifully, thank you…
    Namaste ~
    Margot Mia


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