.Morsel Code: Delicious Deals at the Kitchen at Discretion

Have you ever discovered a deal that was so good you felt sure that someone must have made a mistake? In these circumstances, you might feel a responsibility to bring the presumed error to the seller’s attention. Or, you may not be able to resist pouncing before anyone notices, and later whisper of your spoils to your friends.
I’m sure that this is what has happened with the “Morsels” menu offered by the Kitchen at Discretion Brewing. These little tapas are the perfect accompaniments to any of Discretion’s tasty organic brews and will set you back only $5. Five dollars!
Case in point: the chorizo plate. I’ve ordered this scrumptious treat at least a dozen times, and still can’t help incredulously double-checking the bill. And not just because it’s inexpensive—because it’s special.
First, the plating is so pretty I almost have to work up the courage to eat it. A glistening pile of seared chorizo, a rainbow of pickles and a generous smear of Dijon mustard arrive dusted with a sprinkle of lively microgreens, laid across a wooden board like an artist’s palate. A teetering tower of seeded crostini stands balanced in one corner.
Digging in, the chorizo is smoky with paprika. Its fatty savoriness begs to be dragged through the spicy mustard. Each of the three pickles is distinct and colorful, with bright and flavorful acidity. Paper-thin slices of chartreuse cucumber and fuchsia slivers of onion pickled with fresh thyme lie next to crunchy daikon radish, sunny yellow with turmeric and ginger. I take my time balancing the different components, combining them as I please, alternating bites of this delightful treat with sips of one of my favorite Discretion beers, Oh Black Lager. In case you had any doubts, the marriage of sausage and beer is still going strong. The schwarzbier is refreshing, dark and roasty, with a touch of malty sweetness and enough body to stand up to the assertive flavors.
There’s easily enough to share with a couple of friends, but if I’m feeling decadent I won’t think twice about keeping it all to myself—unlike this secret.

2703 41st Ave., Soquel. 316-0662, discretionbrewing.com.


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