.Sagittarius, Sign of Silence: Risa’s Stars Dec. 11-17

Esoteric astrology as news for the week of Dec. 11, 2019

Sagittarius is a sign often hidden in the preparations for Christmas and Hanukkah. It’s hidden also by its symbols and stories—traveling far away, riding over the plains to monasteries, eyes upon the snowy peaks of Capricorn or gazing at the stars in wonder, in some desert region of hot sands and slow-moving camels. Sagittarius is the far-flung traveler, at home in any country and with all peoples. Sagittarius is a most important sign. It’s the “little gate” into heaven; the sign of silence, associated with vision, aspiration and a one-pointed direction toward goals. Sag is on a horse, forever galloping toward the signs of service (Capricorn is initiation; Aquarius, for humanity; and Pisces, saving the world). Sag’s esoteric symbol is the bow and arrow, reminding us that we must cultivate the right use of thought (arrows) and speech, allowing our arrows to be dipped first in honey before discharging them towards their target.

From the Sagittarius Labors of Hercules, we read these words, the tasks of the archer: “Right use of thought, restraint of speech, and consequent harmlessness result in liberation; for we are held here by what we ourselves have said and done.”

Thursday, early morning, is the Sagittarius solar festival during the last full moon of 2018. “We see the goal, reach the goal and then we see the next goal.” Thursday is also the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe (patroness of the Americas). Friday is St. Lucy’s Day (lighted candles crowning her head), a Scandinavian festival of light illuminating the darkness. And, Friday and Saturday, in the night sky, the most active meteor shower of the year (Geminids) peaks. We’re called to catch the Light falling to Earth in this preparatory season of Advent.

ARIES: Will you be traveling? Are you thinking of new professional ideas and realities? Do you feel pressured to step up to the next rung of the ladder? Are you curious about a religious or spiritual reality? Every part of yourself is out and about in the world. Is there a sense that discipline and structure (Saturn) are needed to bring order to relationships? Tend to them carefully. They will see you to the end.

TAURUS: You think a lot about resources and how to provide safety and security for everyone. The future you know is a question, so you continue your important work. For many of us, the resources we seek are hidden in closets, drawers, storage units, and garages (yours). Bringing them out into the open is a good next step. Out into the fresh air to assess their value. Much will be discarded.

GEMINI: On your mind are relationships (one in particular), money, and how it’s being used practically. Your relationship is OK, but tend to it a bit more, with love and gratitude. Money and relationships go hand in hand. Especially now and for you. Assess all that you have and share with another. Update financial documents if needed. And consider all commitments. The ones from the heart last longest.

 CANCER: You’ll find yourself embarking upon new spiritual goals, meeting those goals and discovering new ones. These goals affect your daily life and how you will live in the future. Share your goals with others, communicating with them the practicality of both spirituality and planning for the future. Use resources to accomplish goals. List them first. Take your time. Then you find all that you have will be useful, practical and transformed.

LEO: Your daily life has been expanding in many ways. Are you galloping toward far away and distant goals? Know you’ll be restrained if imbalances or disharmony occur. Choose travel as an art form. Take a camera, art supplies and a horse along (if you can). Several dog companions, too. There’s something you’ve wished to do for a long time. You return to the place where your heart resides.

VIRGO: Do you have excess energy but feel restrained by a lack of something? Are you spending much time and energy on things unseen? Do they rest in your heart, unspoken, in longing? It would be good if you concentrated on the season’s festivities by making your home cheerful and welcoming, filled with lights and things of nature. Do things differently this year. Joy comes when you are most creative.

LIBRA: Are you considering remaining home this holiday? It is a good idea this year. A deep transformative change penetrates your heart/mind, and many beliefs begin to have no validity. Disconcerting at first, you’re actually being led to truths previously not understandable. As old beliefs dissolve, a greater capacity to (give/receive) love occurs. You will then understand to “be of love a little more careful than of everything” (ee cummings).

SCORPIO: It’s time to ponder upon then articulate goals concerning money and resources, in order to make your future seem safe and practical. Your mind, moving equally between myth and the real world, needs to concentrate on building adequate resources for the times to come. These resources will not be only for yourself, but others will join you in your endeavors. You have the stamina to face great challenges. You are the warrior.

SAGITTARIUS: The entire introduction is about you. Read it slowly many times so its esoteric significances are absorbed and a new identity can emerge, along with new behaviors. As you seek truth and justice along with trying to feel joy, it’s most important to acknowledge you are always seeking new goals ahead. It’s good to list them, rework them, look for them. Watch birds fly out of marshes into the clear light of day. Turning into swans.

CAPRICORN: You stand within inner and outer realities, deeply personal and yet out in the world where humanity resides. There’s much responsibility and work accomplished, morning till night. At day’s end, you exhaustedly fall into bed, hoping sleep will bring physical, emotional and mental balance. Enough sleep does if there are no lights on during the night to interrupt your sleep cycle. Wear a mask if necessary. And drink more water. Saturn and Pluto are your companions.

AQUARIUS: Our outer reality is connected with our inner reality. What occurs in our outer life is based on what we believe, envision and have intentions for, and where we place our focus. You are aware, of course, that humanity is to bring forth the new culture and civilization, under the Aquarian Laws and Principles. What are your visions? What are your needs? Communicate with the devas. They wait for your voice to speak with them.

PISCES: Each day, there’s a new understanding occurring, which leads to new revelations. That actually is an esoteric rule—revelation emerges from understanding. How does understanding come forth? From suffering, grief and feelings of despair. You understand this line of poetry from Dante’s Divine Comedy: “In the middle of the journey of my life, I came to a dark wood and found myself and my way lost.” You are not lost; the way is not dark. Just keep walking.



  1. Hello Risa ~ thank you for your beautiful work which you so generously share with us all…
    I love your insights and wisdom ~ your gift is magnificent, but even better, one can see the foundation of intelligent scholarship and study: mastery of your subject combined with the esoteric, mystical and spiritual developments.
    I am commenting today as my way of ending this year in an offering of gratitude to you… though I’ve only recently “discovered “ you!… I’m enthralled and appreciative.

    I would like a clarification if you have the time: herein this post/article you refer to the year 2018 in a current sense ~
    Shall I assume this is a “typo” or oversight?

    This seems to be occurring with several other Astrologers / Energetic-Intuitives / Psychics. I wonder then about the significance of these synchronistic “errors”: I hardly count coincidence as anything but a word for that which we find happening, yet humanly inexplicable.
    So I do think there must be – invisible though it may be – something to this interesting “accident” from prominent, published Astrological experts.
    If nothing else, thank you for reading my comment.
    In closing, I wish you a splendid and peaceful holiday season and spectacular Year if 2020! (Given the upcoming planetary aspects and the eclipses we have lined up, I doubt it can be anything less than powerfully transformational!)
    Margot Mia

  2. I loved your article Risa. It’s motivating and I am sure there is going to be a positive impact on my personality.
    Lots of love from India.

  3. Sagittarius is a most important sign. It’s the “little gate” into heaven.

    Can you elaborate little more on this side written above.

    Thank you so much.


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