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Waves of flaves by the Lighthouse

Fran Grayson says she aspired to own a restaurant from a young age. After working her way through college cooking, her life path took a left turn for a while: she became an iron worker, welder and heavy equipment operator, then founded an industrial arts trade school in Oakland.

Her culinary career got back on track when she moved to Santa Cruz, became a farmer and opened a food truck. After a food event on Westcliff, she was inspired to have a permanent spot there and inquired about some unused space at Lighthouse Field.

She built the restaurant herself eight years ago. Stand-outs include the Dillas, a “pressed flat crispy burrito,” with non-traditional fillings, as well as bowls like salmon poke and sandwiches like Vietnamese-style pulled pork. Tacos, tamales, hot dogs, and grass-fed smash burgers round out the menu, and specialty non-alcoholic beverages like aguas frescas and Turkish coffee.

Open every day from 8am-5:30pm.

Tell me more about your background?

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FRAN GRAYSON: It was a long and winding road with many different pursuits of passion. From the cooking to the farming, to operating heavy equipment and working in various trades, I’ve mastered many skills. Steamer Lane Supply is a culmination of these varied endeavors in my life, they all come together here synergistically. It was all a gestation to giving birth to my business baby. As the baby has grown, it’s become part of a family that consists of my incredibly close-knit and devoted team, as well as my customers and the community.

How does your location inspire the business?

FG: Since we are located in a California State Park in a public space adjacent to a world-famous surf break, this drives the business’ ethos and purpose. In terms of the menu, I want the food to be very accessible and approachable, and have something for everyone. It’s of paramount importance to me to keep our food of the utmost quality and consistency, while also keeping it affordable.

698 Westcliff Drive, Santa Cruz, 831-316-5240; steamerlanesc.com



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