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Question of the Week

How do you feel about setting your clock to “fall back”? Do you prefer early mornings or longer days?

Maria Chavez, 53, Amateur Botanist

“I like having a longer day. I like when it’s bright and happy, and you can be more productive. It’s easier to stay in bed when it’s dark. But I don’t like changing the time, just let it be natural.!”

Oliver Grubb, 17, Street Musician

“I didn’t know the time was changing. I woke up and it was an hour earlier than I thought. It was nice because I hadn’t gone busking for a while, so it felt like I had more time to do that.”

Zoe K, 21, “Olympic” Hacky Sack Player

“I’d rather have the day last longer, but I don’t pay attention to time. If I have to be somewhere on someone else’s timeline I’ll be there, but personally I just follow the sun doing its thing.”

David Regus, 40, Self-Defense Instructor

“I enjoy longer nights. I live in the mountains of Bonny Doone, so I get to see more stars. But I don’t like the time changing—I’d rather settle on a steady time and just let the day do what it’s going to do.”

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Catherine Gallagher, 56, Scientist

“I have mixed feelings. I don’t like the longer nights, but I have early morning meetings so it’s a lot easier to get up in the morning. It would be a lot easier if we kept the same time all year.”

Jim Hamilton, 53, Retired

“When you fall back it feels OK, you get an extra hour of sleep—but when you spring forward, you feel like you’re being robbed. They say that heart attacks increase when we spring forward.”


  1. Congratulations to your photographer.
    The portraits accompanying the comments were very natural and full of character

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    • Thank you, Lisa! The character is all due to the wonderful people we meet while making Street Talk. The naturalness is from snapping photos ‘on the fly’ with a Fire 10 tablet camera, with no knowledge of photography. ))


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