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Question of the Week

If you could learn a musical instrument,
what would it be? What music would you play?

Kiko Leiani

My dad’s teaching me bass because I’m trying to play reggae. I feel like it opens up a whole new world. It would be nice if I could play music with my dad and his friends.

Kiko Leiani, 15, Student

Miguel Higareda

Probably violin, because it’s the most like singing, in a way. A lot of people use the violin to interpret people’s voices when they do covers. But I have no clue what song or style I would play.

Miguel Higareda, 25, Barista

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Tiernan Boyd

I’ve been into ska music lately, so I’d like to learn something more brassy, like trumpet or saxophone, any band instrument that’s brassy.

Tiernan Boyd, 24, Herpetologist and Musician

Brady Harmon

I’ve studied piano, but I’d love to be better. I can’t play a song, so I can’t say that I can play. When I paint I can use both hands, and I used to be able to write with both, so not being able to do that with piano was annoying.

Brady Harmon, 27, Behavioral Technician

Michelle Boyd

It would be violin, and I would play classical and zydeco music. The violin sings, doesn’t it, violin is almost like lyrics when you hear it.

Michelle Boyd, 54, UCSC Medical Reception

Alex Hubbard

It would be really cool to play a Flying V electric guitar so I could play a sped-up version of “Stonehenge” from the Spinal Tap documentary.

Alex Hubbard, 34, Level Up Video Games


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